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Wednesday, March 25, 8:00am PT

presented by Alex Accetta and Leah Hall Dorothy

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Chat Transcript

8:06:28amPam Watts

Welcome - feel free to enter your questions here

8:07:58amRebecca Cegledy

If you are hosting live group fit or workout classes online are you saying or posting disclaimers?

8:08:25amRon Lee

Announcing disclaimers at start of class.

8:08:36amLinda Knight

What are others doing to support the students that work for you while you are closed, that are financially depending on their job with you?

8:08:53amMark Ritter

Is anyone deep cleaning their Rec Centers prior to students returning and 1. who is doing this, 2. what cleaners are you using?

8:09:20amGreg Durham

What disclaimer language are you sharing for your online classes?

8:09:21amMaxwell Miller

Re: Linda Knight — All work-aided students will receive a base pay regardless of whether they can continue to work remotely for the remainder of the semester (for more information on working remotely, read the Q&As below.) To arrive at the calculation of the payment, we used the median hours that each work-aided student worked in hourly positions so far during the 2019-20 academic year. The calculated payment represents an amount equivalent to what would have been earned during the four remaining pay periods for the year.

8:09:26amMaxwell Miller

*Swarthmore College

8:09:39amKevin George

We have found some financial distress national and local platforms.

8:10:12amLinda Knight

Max, what about non work-aided students?

8:10:14amDeirdre Reich

Is Fed work study going to allow paying students without workig?

8:10:16amEmily McElwain

CSU-Pueblo is working with a company to come and sanitize and deep clean before we re-open.

8:10:45amIan Brown

I just updated the table on the shared doc with institutions that submitted data about pay. I think Alex may touch on this.

8:10:46amCorbin Hedges

We have been told that yes Fed work study will be paid even without working

8:10:49amKevin George

Also we deep cleaned as we anticipated closure & also cleaned for 2 days after closing and plan a week of deep cleaning…hoping 1 week before due to cost savings of aquatics and other building systems

8:10:49amEmily McElwain

CSU Pueblo closed on March 17 and we will be closed until at least April 30 per the Governor

8:10:50amKari Post

Mark Ritter, our facilities staff is doing a deep clean “spray clean” of the whole building, but I’m not familiar with the specific products used at this time. We just got the thumbs up to close our main building, but there is still a cardio room in the basement of a residence hall that is not locked - so we have about 30 students on campus who can still use that space.

8:11:12amRichard Hammond

We closed officially on March 21, 2020.

8:11:14amJodie Frey

We are closed until further notice and all events canceled until May 8th.

8:11:27amDeirdre Reich

Do you have a resource to verify Fed Work study?

8:11:33amKathy Matta

At Seton Hall all FWS students have been allowed to log all scheduled hours for the semester- so yes without working. This is actually a federal mandate

8:11:39amDaniel Lawrence

Utah State is deep cleaning with full-time staff and students who wanted to continue to work. Everything is closed until at least May 1st.

8:11:42amKari Post

This is at Landmark College (small school in Putney, VT, about 400 students). The earliest we will have any students or visitors back on campus is April 18th at this point.

8:11:47amSteve Thompson

Campus Rec at the University of Montana: Fitness and Rec Center and Grizzly Pool are closed. Outdoor Programs are still open on a very limited basis. University Golf Course is still open with protective measures in place. Fitness Classes are online.

8:11:49amHugues Lecomte

Southern Oregon university SRC closed since March 16th. We have deep cleaned until March 20th. On a 2-week spring break now.

8:11:56amRebecca Cegledy

Disclaimer to Flash + Bio on Instagram:

If you choose to exercise on any platform with Boston College and its affiliates, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that there is an innate risk of injury when participating in any physical activity. Participation is voluntary and practiced in a safe place suitable for this activity. Some practices may not be safe under certain medical conditions. You agree to consult a doctor if you have any medical concerns. If you experience any physical or emotional pain or discomfort, you will listen to your body, adjust the practice, and ask for support from a medical provider. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that have now or hereafter may have against Boston College and its affiliates. You have read this disclaimer and have acknowledged it prior to participating in any activity.

Disclaimer to Say:

“[Greeting and introducing yourself]. Thank you all for joining us in our virtual workout today! Before we get started, please keep in mind

8:12:05amLaurie Braden

LSU UREC closed on 3/13 and are projected to stay closed until 5/30

8:12:09amJim Walczyk

UNC Charlotte closed for a week already. Our county issued stay at home order until April 16th. We are distance learning and telecommuting. At this point, we aren’t expecting any return to work until late April/early May.

8:12:15amJobey Lichtblau

North Dakota State University closed on March 18 and is closed until further notice.

8:12:19amDiane Yee

Work study can still be paid out. And our university approved that our hourly students also get paid their average weekly pay through the rest of the spring semester (MSU Denver)

8:12:23amLaura Hall

Penn State shut down programs on Tuesday, March 10th and closed facilities in the morning on Friday, March 13th

8:12:25amDaniel Adams

We closed and moved to online classes March 18, with classes starting March 23

8:12:26amMike Widen

U of Michigan - closed per governor's executive order to restaurants, bars, rec/fitness centers, etc. since last Monday.

8:12:31amKari Post

Hi Diane Yee!

8:12:35amAlicia Rossow

We officially closed Friday, March 20th and closed until further notice. All full time staff getting paid and working from home. Student employees are not getting paid.

8:12:35amBrian Dezzani

University of Portland- Closed Beauchamp Rec & Wellness Center on Thursday, March 12th at 10am. Received the call from our Athletic Director that morning.

8:12:40amKevin George

For fitness classes our legal/risk team said “free” programs like Les Mills are permitted to promote, but to indicate physical well-being, risk, and other disclosures

8:12:40amRebecca Cegledy

BC closed yesterday through April 7th with Governors order to shelter in place

8:12:54amDean Bowen

Our facilities dept fogged and electrostatic sprayed the entire building. Prior to opening myself and some FT staff will clean once again and remove some equipment (check out equipment. Still closed until further notice, based on Governor direction (state school).

8:13:02amDeirdre Reich

Wingate closed for the semester. All classes online

8:13:07amMadison Collins

Seattle University UREC closed on 3/16 and closed until further noticed, and staff working remotely until 4/6, minimally.

8:13:13amCindy Strine

Our housing staff is using the Clorox 360 system. We are hoping to utilize this prior to reopening.

8:13:15amMarc Falkenstein

University of the Pacific closed at EOB on March 15th and closed until further notice.

8:13:18amMichele Schwitzky

We’ve been closed until further notice since last Wed. The university staff is working from home and students are being paid an avg of their hours from this semester.

8:13:20amMark Ritter

We closed on March 23 until originally April 1, but the SC Governor just announced all schools will stay closed until the end of April. However, I don't know if that applies to Universities.

8:13:23amLinda Knight

We are closed for the semester, I was lucky that the administration supported our desire to close because of our inability to keep patrons safe. We were able to partner with IT and get a virtual wellness center set up in 48 hours and were offering classes within 48 hours of us announcing remote learning.

8:13:33amMaxwell Miller

Swarthmore College -

8:13:46amDerek Leonard

University of North Georgia-Public 18,000 students. We are closed until further notice. We are allowing students to work both via telework and in-person. We are personally deep cleaning our facilities with staff and students.

8:13:46amPeter Mumford

York University (Ontario, Canada) moved all classes to online as of Monday March 16th; our Athletic & Rec facilities closed as of Friday midnight March 13th until April 30th (will be extended); all NON-ESSENTIAL ft staff are now working from home; laptops have been sent out to those that do not have them and extensive work from home policy created (we are unionized in Ontario).

8:13:51amRebecca Cegledy

Our internal HK staff is deep cleaning and using the electrostatic sprayer in the entire building

8:13:57amVilayat Del Rossi

CSUSB closed rec center on 3/17. We have paid all student staff through the end of the month as if they were scheduled to work. Still triaging beyond that point.


Indiana State student pay only allowed if on work study. Average number of hours worked recorded to payroll. Payroll took funds only from W/S account until count emptied.

8:14:11amJodie Frey

We are private, our college adminstration is handling all of the decisions about paying part time and students. It looks like part time will be paid loss wages for our initial close of 3 weeks (March 14 to April 5). No word on students yet.

8:14:13amLaura Munroe

UT-San Antonio is paying students up to their average hours per week for the Spring semester. We have created learning opportunities centered around the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. They have to complete online learning opportunities to earn pay. We are closed until further notice.

8:14:17amGansheng Xu

UNB in Canada closed on Tuesday, Marc 16th until further notice,

8:14:17amMike Widen

U- Michigan approved a one-time payment to student employees for two weeks of pay based on their average hours worked from January 4 through March 13.


At UMBC we are paying all students who are part of our RAC building staff based on their current work schedule. All full time staff are teleworking. Students who work IM’s or Club Sports who signup for flexible hours are currently not being paid, however we are looking at a base pay based on average hours worked per week.

8:14:21amAutumn Johnson

We are finding 10 hours of work each week that students can do remotely. Mostly training and development.

8:14:22amRyan Fetzer

SF State is in our second week of our facility being closed. We are only opening our doors for a few hours each week to support housing insecure students get access to shower facilities. We continue to pay our FT & student employees.

8:14:26amPeter Mumford

PT staff are being paid until April 4th unless we have work for them to do at home and then they will be paid until the end of their contract.

8:14:33amSteve Erickson

We were like Leah and OSU, where we wanted to close and our admin kept us open until the county health dept. close all fitness centers and gyms. So we have been closed for one week now. We have been told to make no decisions on our own. Only our upper university admin can make any decisions on refunds, student employment, or letting folks in to the facility to get their locker items out. We just started letting folks in today, to get their stuff out of their lockers.

8:14:33amGreg Durham

Creighton - Mid-Private, is closed with date to reopen

8:14:44amVilayat Del Rossi

Mental Health Note: Social Distancing is an old infectious disease term. In our upcoming programming/services/operations that addresses the distancing will not say "social distancing", it will be "physical distancing with social connectivity”

8:14:46amKate Smith

Sacramento State is paying all students from March 17 - April 7

8:14:48amJohn MacDonald

The University of Akron reduced recreation operations on March 10th and then closed recreation facilities on March 16th with the exception of Health Services Department which has offices in the Student Rec Center. Facilities closed until further notice. Student employees are being paid for their regular scheduled hours.

8:14:53amStefani Plummer

We used our Sanisport sanitizer on the entire facility after we closed, wiped down any surfaces we couldn't get the sanisport into; custodial came in one final time and that has been it for cleaning

8:14:53amKen Morton

The state of Texas has rules that do not allow us to pay students if they do not work. if Federal Work Study they have to be paid. SO we are doing a number of things to give some of them work both on and off campus

8:14:56amWendy Motch-Ellis

we are waiting on student pay direction beyond March 31st

8:15:02amMark Ritter

We are not able to pay students unless they actually work per SC law - this is from our HR Department.

8:15:03amIan Brown

Here, is the form:

8:15:17amEmily McElwain

What about conversations about refunding mandatory student fees?

8:15:19amPeter Mumford

I can say what schools in Ontario, Canada are doing - maybe Alison can talk about Alberta

8:15:20amDoug Ewing

Fort Lewis College Rec Services closed EOB March 18. All professional staff are working remotely. All Students will be paid the regular shifts they were scheduled, whether they are work study or not until further notice.

8:15:24amDerek Hottell

VCU is paying all student employees their average spring semester pay for the remainder of the semester to not work.

8:15:35amKim Clark

University of Houston closed on 3/18 through 4/4 and we have already deep cleaned the entire facility. Work Aid students at UH are only allowed to be paid if they can do their job remotely and with additional authorizations.

8:15:36amGansheng Xu

there are a lot of chats here I wonder if we could compile all chat questions and answers that can be shared with all participants after the meeting,

8:15:39amLaura Hall

Pam - Leah - if helpful I can share

8:15:39amMarc Falkenstein

At University of the Pacific, our Board of Regents announced Students will get paid yesterday. No details on what that means has been provided yet.

8:15:42amMadison Collins

Seattle U all online classes for the remainder of Winter quarter and made the call to be online for Spring Quarter. All residences in residence halls were asked to move out by 4/6/2020.

8:15:50amDean Bowen

Offering no payment to students. Any contractors (group exercise) that can provide digital content, they can be paid.

8:15:52amKari Post

We are not employing or paying any student employees at this time.

8:15:55amEli Olken Dann

At Fairfield University, we closed our facility until further notice on Wednesday 3/18. Our sanitation and facilities vendor ABM, who services all buildings on campus, did a deep cleaning the next day in conjunction with our associate director of facilities and the building is now locked. In regards to student employment, federal work study students will continue to be paid. Non-work study students unfortunately are not being compensated at this time. We are however paying a few of our student fitness instructors to provide classes remotely through Zoom.

8:15:56amShauna Sage

UNC System Schools - Students are receiving paid administrative leave from March 16th - March 31st. Past that has not been determined.

8:15:57amJeff Huskey

Univ of California has granted Admin Leave for all employees- including student employees, albeit prorated to full time staff.

8:16:00amGinny Templeton

We officially closed our Rec Center at Cal Poly Pomona over a week ago. We furloughed our students with pay for the first week. We have shifted to remote work plans for them moving forward.

8:16:01amMarci Iverson

Viterbo closed the rec as of March 13 (spring break) and the facility will remain closed through the end of the academic year. Staff are to work from home and Wisconsin issued a stay at home that went into effect last evening. The student employees who have work study will be paid based on the average of the last three pay periods. Students staff who do not have work study and contracted folks are not paid.

8:16:01amJason Incorvati

UMass closed, The decision was centralized to pay employees for two weeks. Unless the student employees are deemed "essential", they will not be able to work in our current capacity. Our student employees will not fall into this category.

8:16:03amMaxwell Miller

Re: FT/PT staff at Swarthmore College - Modified staff practices during COVID-19:

8:16:07amLinda Knight

At William & Mary, Student Affairs has set up an emergency fund for those who need money for anything- salaries included.

8:16:13amJim Walczyk

UNC Charlotte paying students the current pay period thru March no direction yet for beyond that.

8:16:25amDaniel Adams

We put a hold on work study positions with a narrow window of those who could be defined as critical (E.g. a select few students who help lead our digital engagement strategies)

8:16:30amMichael Giles

we created an online learning/training program that our student staff can take to earn $$$$.

8:16:32amGansheng Xu

thanks Pam.

8:16:55amTara Parker

We closed rec facilities 5pm March 13. We are in process of providing online resources and developing virtual programs. Also involved in a multi- department planning process for eSports tournament. Student assistants are not being paid unless they are in Federal Work Study or are able to do projects remotely. We are currently allowed to have a small group of students come on-site to do projects practicing social/physical distancing. We are inquiring about eligibility for unemployment.

8:16:58amRichard Hammond

Our federal work study students are to be paid as if they worked their shift. If they are just a regular student worker we are not paying them. They said that we could have the students work from home but I am having enough trouble finding work for the pro staff to work from home so it makes it hard to find things for them.

8:17:09amDave Suter

University of Louisiana Lafayette. Closed March 16. Paying student workers their scheduled shifts thru the closure. Also requesting the university to lift the 20 hr per week work limit for several students that are still working maintenance shifts. Also loaned some student employees to Residence Halls (they could not fill shifts for front desks in halls) 800 students remain in residence halls.

8:17:14amKeith Wenrich

University of Georgia has refunded 46% of the student rec fee and we have just suspended all payroll deduction for Faculty/Staff for the months of April and May.

8:17:17amDon Umland

Augustana College (IL). Small private liberal arts has closed campus until further notice with remote learning in place for students. Only essential staff on campus. Rec Center closed down.


SUNY Oswego is not paying any Campus Recreation student employees, but we have our GA's working remotely and we are paying them.

8:17:38amAaron Tapper

Cal State Fullerton closed on March 19 and will be paying students thru April 6th based off their standard work schedule. We are still awaiting a final decision on student pay for rest of the semester. We also are an auxiliary.

8:17:43amMichael Giles

Iowa States online learning is very familiar to what Penn State is doing.


GA's are to work remotely and continue to be paid. Interns can be paid remotely due to academic requirements.

8:17:53amMaxwell Miller

Is there a limit on the amount of hours that students can earn wages through LinkedIn Learning at Penn State?

8:17:59amEric Anderson

Thanks everyone. Saint Louis University student worker info: SLU is committed to compensating employees who can’t continue working on campus during this difficult time. This commitment extends to our student workers.

Per Federal Student Aid guidelines, Federal Work Study (FWS) students who are not able to keep working will continue to be paid for the hours they were expected to work through the remainder of the term.

Non-FWS student workers who are unable to keep working will receive a one-time $750 grant in the form of a credit to students’ accounts by April 8.

Federal Work Study and non-FWS student workers who continue to work will receive a one-time $750 grant paid as above, in addition to being paid for the hours they work.

Students who want to keep working should check with their supervisors about whether this is an option. Have moved to remote working only.

8:18:09amLinda Knight

With that fund at W & M, students who are not in need are donating fee's they are supposed to get back to that fund.

8:18:24amTara Parker

Our university has set up a process for students to apply for Financial Hardship through our CARE Services.

8:18:29amDon Umland

Concern now is that we have 200 international students still on campus and finding ways to serve that population other than housing and food.


Professional staff working remotely. Plenty to do!

8:18:38amJill Beville

UNC Greensboro- Kaplan Center closed on 3/14. We are paying all student employees what they were scheduled to work through 3/31. Waiting for guidance beyond 3/31. GAs will get their stipend through April 30, which is the normal schedule for our graduate assistants.

8:18:38amCorbin Hedges

Does anyone have a specific date that they declared as the day they are re-opening? If so what is that date currently?

8:18:42amErin Farrar

UNLV rec closed 3/25, we are paying students a weekly average through April 12 (past 9 weeks averaged hours to get total). We have students creating remote postings, classes, series, etc.

8:18:43amRebecca Cegledy

GA's are working remotely. Group Fit are recording videos, but desk staff are not able to work at this time. looking to add PT offereings

8:19:04amSteve Erickson

Pro staff can all file to work from home. Everyone will be paid, but they must continue to work.

8:19:10amDaniel Adams

Professional staff are expected to work normal hours, remotely. We are working on digital engagement opportunities, future planning, policy development, professional development, etc.

8:19:16amRichard Hammond

Our president closed the resident halls on 3-23 which was the Monday of our spring break. They have until the 29th to get their belonging by that date and if not then they will store their belongings until we come back.

8:19:17amPeter Mumford

Yes, all FT staff are being paid in Ontario schools; especially with Unions being involved....our work week is 35 hours/week. Extensive work plans created along with how to do staff updates

8:19:20amJill Krantz

University of Pittsburgh - All Campus Recreation facilities closed including outdoor fields. Central decision made regarding student pay: students will continue to be paid through the end of their employment period, according to their standard work schedules through the end of the semester. All full-time staff working remotely.

8:19:21amDiane Yee

We are salaried so everyone is still being paid. They don’t need to prove 40 hours, but they are checking in 2x/week with what they’ve been working on. We’re only a group of 5 so they are including everyone in these updates

8:19:22amAmy Swingle

For pro staff, we’ve gone to a “project based” work philosophy with goals set for the week and not the end of the semester.

8:19:29amKate Smith

Question for the group: For those that have mandatory campus fees that you depend on financially, will you be refunding? If not, how are you justifying? The CSU system has ruled that all 23 campuses will not be refunding mandatory campus fees however they are putting it on each campus to provide language and justify to the students

8:19:31amKevin George

We can only pay full -time and approved PT staff for critical functions. Unfortunately we are not permitted to pay student staff. As we are preparing for credits, reimbursements for housing/dining, but also anticipated student fee prorated refunds/credits, which could impact our FY21 budget allocation. The university philosophy is protecting FTE first and reallocate the work load that students were doing to FTE and graduate assistants

8:19:34amEmily McElwain

Our leadership has committed to pay our full time staff. There has been not specific directive of 40 hours -- each staff member have to submit remote projects and keep our supervisors updated on status of projects.

8:19:42amVilayat Del Rossi

CSUSB: pro staff is either telecommuting; hybrid telecommute; or Admin leave (pending job responsibilities. CSU Chancellor has given 126 hours of admin leave to assist with challenge.

8:19:43amTara Parker

Are rec fees being refunded at your institutions?

8:19:45amWendy Motch-Ellis

We are providing flexibility to our full-time staff to continue their work as needed - trying not to put in too many requirements - lots of emotional support right now for young staff far away from home and helping them navigate if they should travel home to other states but still work remotely

8:19:50amKari Post

Don, we only have about 30 students on campus but Student Affairs (Ath/Rec is housed under SA) is continuing to provide some socially distanced programming including remote/virtual check ins, virtual movie watching (our Centers for Diversity and Inclusion), and outdoor walks (our Social Pragmatics and Rec department).

8:19:52amGansheng Xu

all professional staff are asked to work from hoe ad get paid. But all tine-sheet student staff and other time-sheet non-student staff (e.g. fitness instructors and Yoga instructors) are not paid because no classes are taught.

8:19:54amAndy Milton

St. Ambrose University: small, private institution. Facility closed 3/17, as of 3/24 limited staff on campus and can work remotely. GAs still required to work, be paid, and can work remotely. UG student employees - only Fed Workstudy students will be paid their reward based on their work schedules.

8:19:59amBill Goa

UNC Capel Hill is allowing Administrative Leave with Pay for Students and Staff.

8:20:06amTricia Bush

Michigan is under a stay at home executive order. All full time staff is being paid and we were asked to make sure they are able to be reached between 8am and 5pm. We have been meeting virtually a couple times a week and I am checking in multiple times a day on work projects. We are a staff of four.

8:20:09amJim Walczyk

Pro staff is still on payroll. Working on daily duties that they can still do remotely. Many projects being worked on and reporting daily on accomplishments completed along with having a written record just to prepare what HR may want to see.

8:20:21amShauna Sage

Professionals - Paying with the expectation people are working 40 hours per week from home unless they meet one of the special exceptions, in which case they receive paid administrative leave. For example, housekeepers get paid administrative leave. (Right now only through March 31st). We are using a google doc for individuals to track their progress and hours worked.

8:20:27amRebecca Cegledy

BC leadership has committed to pay all full time staff.

8:20:30amJAN Henry

Humboldt State University refunded IM fees to community and are allowing our student staff to be paid their regular hours....

8:20:35amJobey Lichtblau

NDSU-Professional Staff are all being paid. I was required to develop an operational plan that indicated what my staff would be doing for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Most of my staff are choosing to work in the office, currently permitted by my institution

8:20:47amKari Post

All professional staff need to apply to work from home. Currently I am unaware of any pay cuts, furloughs, or lay offs for ANY professional staff at Landmark College.

8:20:48amKate Smith

Sacramento State is paying all full time staff and they are to be working a combination of teleworking and on site work. Our SHCS is still open so I have essential duties that need to be performed on site to secure our building

8:20:48amKim Clark

FT staff are working remotely with weekly work plan at UH.


Custodial staff not deemed essential may "work" from home thorugh April 5 and be paid. They are to study BETCO manuals, etc. Afterwards, university will either extend time allowance or go to their leave time accruals.

8:20:52amJAN Henry

Humboldt State PRO staff is being paid to work remotely

8:20:53amDiane Yee

are any students not being paid, applying for unemployment?

8:20:57amBrian Dezzani

University of Portland, refunded locker & membership fees

8:21:13amRebecca Cegledy

All full time pro staff expected to work 40 hours a week.

8:21:14amAmy Swingle

FGCU: Under discussion, but waiting on SUS to see if mandated.


Illinois State University - online learning for remainder of semester. Campus closed other than one housing facility, counceling center, one dining center, and health center. Only essential staff allowed on-campus. Campus Recreation full-time staff all paid to work from home.

8:21:18amCraig Decker

not that I’m aware of

8:21:18amKevin George

Yes we are… projecting refunds and want to be as conservative as possible with freezing of budgets

8:21:32amMadison Collins

Seattle U will not be refunding, but will not be charging "Recreation" Fee for Spring Quarter tuition.

8:21:37amJeff Huskey

Univ of California is considering refunding student fees but has decided NOT to refund tuition.

8:21:40amSteve Thompson

At the University of Montana we are still waiting on guidance from the Commissioner's office on the refund or proration of fees. We have suspended payroll deductions for those faculty/staff that choose to pay that way and will reactivate those deductions when we reopen.

8:21:45amDean Bowen

FT staff are expected to work their 37.5 hours. Weekly bullets sent to supervisors, then weekly meetings are held to discuss efforts.

8:21:49amGreg Jordan

paying full time staff ok. we just completed a professional staff hire yesterday. we are also interviewing student staff for summer and next year. we also did sport club budgets for next year.

8:21:55amRebecca Cegledy

BC refund all programming fees. Membership is still under discussion as there is "still a chance" we may open later this semester.

8:21:56amLinda Knight

W & M is looking at all fees at a university level - not specific to each department.

8:22:04amJim Walczyk

No discussion yet at UNC Charlotte on refunding of fees

8:22:09amLaura Klein

UNT--all full time staff are being paid and are working 40 hours per week from home.

8:22:11amGordon Nesbitt

Millersville University is giving a pro-rated refund for dining and res halls. Haven't decided on student fees yet.

8:22:16amIisha Voltz

We have moved our entire operations and staffing into our Basecamp platform and are continuing working remotely and assigning staff assignments to keep them engaged and able to receive hours through attending virtual meetings, webinars, and teaching classes etc… -Texas Southern-

8:22:23amTeri Bladen

At Weber State, the institution has committed to paying hourly staff based on an average of the past few pay periods. Pro staff being paid as normal, folks working from home.

8:22:25amCindy Strine

UTC is not refunding fees. The university refunded partial housing, food and parking. Other services have gone online and fees are paying for online. Our division is Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

8:22:26amMarc Falkenstein

University of the Pacific - No refunding of student fees per our Board of Regents. We are refunding purchased memberships, lockers and other services as requested.

8:22:34amKevin George

Our Vice President of Finance is awaiting any governor mandates that in case we do have to refund student fees or housing/dining that our university budget could be significantly impacted and to be extremely conservative on any expenses (most projects are on hold or canceled).

8:22:36amBert Rosenberger

Georgia College refunding 41%


At UMBC we are looking at refunding students a percentage of the Spring student fees. This will impact our budgets, however we will continue to pay full time staff for the remainder of the semester.

8:22:42amDoug Curry

Miami University (Ohio) is planning on refunding a % of student fee, Housing, Dining

8:22:56amMike Wise

We are paying all employees (student & professional) their current scheduled hours through April 18, regardless of if they work or not. All employees are required to work remotely, unless they are mission critical and can only be done on campus.

8:22:58amMarci Iverson

Student fees are not being refunded, but we are exploring what we are able to do for membership and locker fees.

8:22:59amRyan Fetzer

SF State is refunding some program user fees, but not refunding rec & wellness center fee for students.

8:23:04amLaura Klein

University of North Texas--we are not refunding the student rec fee.

8:23:09amGreg Jordan

Oakland University in Michigan. closed per Governors executive order. March 16-April 13. university is on line the rest of semester and planning to continue that into summer semester.

8:23:10amPeter Tulchinsky

Ole Miss facilities are closed until further notice. Prostaff and GAs are telecommuting and still on payroll. University is working on options to support FWSP students. Fac/staff/community memberships extended for duration of facility closure.

8:23:10amMatt Levy

Shenandoah University in Winchester VA went to online learning on 3/16, our Student Union closed 3/20. Our students are getting paid 7 hours per week for the first two weeks of remote learning, discussions are in place for future funding. Students are permitted to work remotely if projects are available. We have also been put on a spending and hiring freeze

8:23:14amCraig Decker

with the refund in fees are those universities still wanting programming?

8:23:15amMaxwell Miller

Swarthmore College Room/Board: Students who departed campus prior to the end of the extended Spring Break on March 20th will receive a credit on their student account for the prorated portion of their family's contribution to room and board charges. Students who have been approved to remain on campus for the semester will continue to have room and board services from the College for as long as they remain on campus and therefore will not receive a credit while staying on campus.

8:23:20amAlicia Rossow

We don't have student fees but we are refunding any IM forfeit fees and Outdoor Rec Trip $.

8:23:20amLaura Salerno

University of Missouri (Mizzou) is refunding 53% of spring semester student rec fee.


What impact will the @ trillion stimulus package have on higher education in supporting the deficit which many of us will incur

8:23:29amDean Bowen

Currently a decision is being assessed in terms of student fees. As far as member fees, we are providing options a) extend membership b) prorated refund. All with transparency of new updated hours and some equipment restriction (distancing)

8:23:37amDeirdre Reich

Wingate trying to figure out some kind of refund. the university provides so much financial aid and scholarships so this poses a dilemma in that any reimibursement will be on an individual basis.

8:23:47amAmy Swingle

Are any other campus rec staff being used in Dean of Students office to help provide “care”? Answering phones and emails that the University is getting>

8:23:51amKevin George

A huge opportunity to promote esports/gaming though and how their platforms can assist with other virtual activities using twitch and other esports platforms for social/activity engagement

8:23:52amJason Incorvati

UMass centrally gathering information about the financial impact to departments. We anticipate some centralized decisions related to refunds. We've been told not to move ahead with any processes until the university responds.

8:23:55amLinda Knight

We are recommending to not give programing fees back because we are still offering programs virtually.

8:23:55amJames Wilkening

All staff other than maint/custodial are working remotely. Maint/Custodial is still continuing to report however Friday they may be sent home on administrative leave s

8:24:00amAaron Tapper

That hasn't gotten to me at Cal State Fullerton but I heard they will not refund fees. They are pushing up to provide more online programming and information to justify why the students don't get their fee refunded

8:24:15amJodie Frey

WHile Lafayette is providing pro-rated refund of housing and dining fees --- no mention of activity fees at this point. However, recreation services gets zero from those fees. We are not yet permitted to refund peronal trainer, community swim memberships, locker fees, etc yet. I just got permissin to give the intramural forfeit deposit back so hopefully the rest will come.

8:24:17amSteve Erickson

Montana State is differing the fee refund decision until the virus is on the downswing.

8:24:21amJames Wilkening

Select student staff is working remotely but most not employed. I have proposed a scholarship option which is being considered.

8:24:31amMike Wise

ESU is not refunding, like res life and food services, but have moved to virtually programming.

8:24:49amJorge Juarez

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is paying all students until April 5th and professional are still getting paid but they are working remotely.

8:25:03amErin Farrar

UNLV does not have a definitive answer on student fees. We are looking at extending access to the facility through Summer for all spring student (80% students are commuter).

8:25:23amMaxwell Miller

Swarthmore College re: student employment - If a job is considered to be essential to fulfilling the College’s academic mission and can be performed remotely, the student’s supervisor may grant permission to continue their job. This applies to both work-aided and non-aided students. If they are a work-aided student who is approved to work remotely, their pay will be in addition to the base payment.

8:25:24amMike Widen

Amy, our DOS office has told other units who are not working on-campus right now (like us) to be ready to support the DOS office with answering phones/emails.

8:25:27amKari Post

At Landmark we do not have community use and student fees are built into tuition (the fee structure is extremely simplified, basically just tuition, room and board, and meals, so no additional fees for rec center, computer use, parking, etc which makes it easier to not refund if they are still getting academic curriculum). I believe the administration is discussing what to do with room/board and meal plans, but fortunately we are spared on refunds in other areas.

8:25:43amGreg Jordan

Oakland fees are tuition so no refunds as preserving the semester is top priority

8:25:44amMary O'Mahoney

CSUB, part of the CSU - we are saying we are still providing programming virtually (posting live classes, ESports! OA tips etc).

8:26:07amLaura Munroe

UT-San Antonio: Students will receive a refund for the mandatory fee. The amount has not been finalized. 56% was the original number = $1.8M.

8:26:11amGreg Durham

Creighton University issued a flat $250 student fee refund to all students, it is the opinion of leadership that this flat refund absolves individual departments to give refunds

8:26:11amMatt Levy

Any other language for virtual Fitness Classes? Is a verbal disclaimer from instructors enough?

8:26:12amJobey Lichtblau

This is a start of the language...nothing final, just thoughts. The Wellness Center is funded through mandatory student fees paid with tuition. This fee provides operational and personnel funding, which includes but is not limited to bond payments that are needed to pay for the physical facility, salaries, benefits, and programs and services that promote student wellness. All students, regardless of the mode of delivery (distance or face-to-face instruction) are required to pay this mandatory fee. While I understand this closure is a disruption to service, the mandatory fees collected for the Wellness Center support much more than what you observe in the day-to-day operations. This fee supports the sustainability of the Wellness Center for the NDSU community today and into the future.

8:26:19amDave Suter

University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We are hoping to not refund student fee ($22/semester). Spouse pass memberships will be extended the time equal to the closure.

8:26:35amEli Olken Dann

At Fairfield University, we are considering refunds for students who paid club dues for spring sports. They will be pro rated. In regards to refunding general membership fees (faculty, staff, alumni, spouses, etc. ) We have not made a decision on refunds. We may offer perks related to next fiscal year (1 month free membership, free guest passes etc.)

8:26:50amLinda Knight

Matt, our legal counsel has allowed to verbally read the disclaimer.


Only refunds we have been allowed to grant to date are swim lessons, personal training, and intramural fees. Huge hit to revenue budget, especially learn-to-swim.

8:27:24amMike Wise

At ESU we justify by paying student employees their usual wage through April 18, and virtual programming.

8:27:27amGansheng Xu

With virtual delivery, I'd like to know how everyone tackles risk and liability issues other than the disclaimer?

8:27:30amMark Ritter

What are people doing for their summer programming i.e. summer camps? Are you moving forward with offering them?

8:27:35amKevin George

It’s a critical time to continue to provide virtual well-being activities, events, and programs as the mental health and emotional well being could be really impacted to all students and employees. So in order for our FTE and GA’s to continue providing value in a crucial time to heighten well-being and thrive in a virtual environment


Here at Coastal Carolina we are also refunding pro rated Club Sport fees. Using virtual fitness classes on social media platforms. Some of our Pro Staff is helping out with move out of students.


SUNY Oswego full time staff are working remotely. This is an agreement between UUP union and the State of New York. Student fees are being refunded. but prorated Notified Monday our budgets are frozen, no spending permitted.

8:28:10amKari Post

Re: Summer camps. Still advertising and enrolling as planned. The first non-college student summer program would happen in late June, so going forward as planned for the time being.

8:28:24amKari Post

Same with rentals/other summer programs/groups.

8:28:29amKeith Wenrich

At UGA we will make the call on summer camps in about 3 weeks.

8:28:55amKevin George

Our commencement being potentially rescheduled mid to Late August impacting student employee trainings for all and areas.

8:29:10amEmily McElwain

CSU Pueblo usually begins summer camps June 1, we are pushing that until mid to late June.

8:29:11amGansheng Xu

Here is the link of UNB's FAQs: . You can find the page here:

8:29:28amJames Wilkening

NO decision at UCF has been made in response to refunded fees.

8:29:34amDeirdre Reich

anyone doing personal training remotely? Successfully?

8:29:35amsylvana cicero

CSU Long Beach, refunding intramural fees and stopped charging monthly nonmembers fees. Kate we have not been asked to prep language at this time but have shared with our student leaders and boards the information on mandatory fees. We are paying students until April 30. Kate love to see any language you all come up with.

8:29:42amTodd Bauch

We receive two fees. One pays the wages and the other pays the facility bond, utilities, and s&s. The university is going to suspend the bond fee for the spring term. We will have to pay the bond out of cash on hand. We have likely negotiated a reduction in contributions to common space expenses an reserves. The fee that we will lose is called the “Rec Fee” although it was named 12-13 years ago, it put a large target on the fee today. The fee covering wages remains but a hiring freeze is probably now associated with it.

8:29:43amMaxwell Miller

What are your colleges/universities requiring you to do with the college/university allocations for sport clubs teams?

8:29:56amKevin George

For fun and meaningful posts…our pro staff and GA team has been doing daily wellbeing themed social media images and videos

8:30:02amSteve Thompson

University of Montana still moving forward with Summer Youth Camps... for now. We are under a hiring freeze, so while we can't hire any student camp staff, we are interviewing them with the hopes that we can hire them eventually.

8:30:04amKen Morton

I'd like to discuss at some point on this call or another, what we feel the long term ramifications of this disruption will mean for us in the future. How will this change what and how we do things?

8:30:07amShanea Allen

We are still planning for summer camps to continue as normal; however, promotion has halted and enrollment has been postponed

8:30:10amRomayne Eaker-Kelly

Helo All


We are strongly recommending the extension of memberships once we reopen and not to offer refunds if at all possible.

8:30:16amKevin George

Our sport clubs accounts that are university supported are frozen @MaxMiller


What are institutions doing about taking leave? Sick or PTO for Professional Staff? Hear of any federal mandates?

8:30:37amGreg Jordan

financial impact into next year could impact professional development opportunities. Oakland anticipates travel restrictions next year.

8:30:39amJay Arcuri

University of New England, mid private health sciences has closed all recreational facilities in a phased way, completely closing on 3/23/20. Students are currently not employed/being paid - although we are in discussions with senior leadership. Students are not charged a recreational fee and have access to the facilities free of charge. We do charge a fee to community membership and have started refunding these fees, locker rentals and swim lessons. We have started virtual H/W programming and virtual fitness class options.

8:30:45amLinda Knight

Here is our virtual wellness center link:


Illinois State University - just told no events on-campus of 10 or more peoplr through at least April 12. No events above 50 until June 1. Likely to be pushed back even further

8:31:39amLaurie Braden

We have refunded $34,000 in non student membership fees. We have also frozen membership for about 1/3 of all non student members.

8:31:46amTodd Bowyer

Since Roanoke College closed, our funds have been frozen. Currently professional staff only are being paid and can apply to work from home or use 5 extra days of personal leave that we have been granted. The college will be refunding room and board and other fees, although I am advocating for no more than 25% refunded since we completed 75% of the academic year. Tuition is not being refunded since classes moved online. Any remaining funds will be used by the college to help offset some of the anticipated deficits from cancelling our May Term and summer classes.

8:31:52amEric Anderson

We created an FAQ around refunds, etc. on the landing page of our website at SLU:

8:31:57amGreg Jordan

agree with John Lentz on membership extension

8:32:02amErin Farrar

Is anyone successful at getting hazard pay for essential employees working in student wellness and staying open (including custodial staff)?

8:32:10amLinda Knight

Here is our virtual wellness link, feel free to use any or all of the information. If you do not have the capability to do this on your campus, you can share this with your students

8:32:22amJessica Ward

we started a NIRSA RSJ and EDI Resource Guide book club

8:32:33amDerek Hottell

Here is ours at vcu:

8:32:35amVilayat Del Rossi

Microsoft teams has been a great tool to centralize work tasks

8:32:37amLaurie Braden

What are folks doing in regard to searches?

8:32:58amMatt Levy

Laurie, all of our searches are on hold

8:33:02amEmily McElwain

We are holding on all searches

8:33:11amEmily McElwain

however we are going to do our spring hiring virtually

8:33:12amTricia Losavio

UT Dallas, on hold. Reach out to candidates and let them know our status

8:33:22amDeirdre Reich

We are taking apps for a GA position

8:33:23amTricia Losavio

most people are in the same situation and understand

8:33:24amJohn MacDonald

At The University of Akron we moved our searches into Microsoft Teams online video call and presentation.

8:33:25amLinda Knight

Laurie, we can continue with virtual searches, but cannot make any offers at this time.


Our search for an Outdoor Coordinator on hold

8:33:27amJessica Ward

Princeton - on hold

8:33:29amDaniel Adams

Remote Work Guidelines (Living Document):

Daily Touch Points (*I'll schedule this soon)

- Team Meeting 9 AM (brief check in for the day, support each other)

- As needed, specific questions

- 1-1 connections, ~daily

Bi-weekly Team Meeting (*)

- Tuesday: work projects, opportunities and challenges, tasks

- Friday: priorities, big picture, wins


- Digital student engagement (social media, phone, google meet, zoom, etc.)

- Connect with ~5 students per day (check-in, offer support, connect to PC resources) - use zoom or other method so you don't have to give out your cell#

- Projects (plan for possible return program, summer plans, FALL plans, etc.)

8:33:33amMatthew Gordon, Harvard University

At Harvard, the upper mgmt has created an extensive list of things, but we do worry about keeping FT staff busy. So far, so good, but the biggest unknown is how long this will last. We hold our staff accountable with a weekly accountability log.

8:33:35amTricia Bush

We are moving our closure projects to the upcoming few weeks. We normally shut our facility down for one full week after commencement. We want to be able to open when we get the green light. So we are resurfacing floors where possible during this current closure.

8:33:58amLaura Klein

Laurie--UNT is in a hiring freeze.--Laurie Klein

8:34:07amLaura Munroe

UT-San Antonio is using Microsoft Teams

8:34:12amKari Post

Does anyone have employees who are struggling to work remotely for infrastructure reasons (no internet, no home work space, etc)?

8:34:15amBrian Dezzani

University of Portland- Private University, I am working with our 2 pro staff to actively program so no one gets any ideas about reducing their positions since they don’t have the interaction directly with students. We are getting programming out there quickly, virtual fitness classes, social media engagements and suggestions for workouts, being active and web pages specifically addressing staying active by providing resources. Links to workouts, etc.

8:34:16amJosh Downing

Does anyone have a business continuity plan they are willing to share?

8:34:17amTeri Bladen

For Pro Staff, we're getting to those projects that have been on the back burner for a while. Agreed Alex, my role is to support pro staff. We check in in the morning, and are holding our regular meetings in Hangout. Lots of communication via Slack.

8:34:27amIan Brown

Here, is a good article from Harvard Business Review about managing newly minted WFH staff:

8:34:27amGansheng Xu

At UNB we use Microsoft Teams for chat and meetings. We still hold weekly staff meeting via MS Teams. It IS hard to keep track and manage full-time staff.

8:34:28amStefani Plummer

We are meeting twice a week at least by Google Duo to check-in; our lives revolve around IG right now but I am getting great ideas from what others are doing to help them get creative on ideas to engage. Everyone is working cross-department...even our office manager is working on posts/stories. We are also trying to plan for the events we HOPE will happen next semester. We are doing workouts virtually and checking in constantly as a team via chat. sending scripture and encouragement and funny memes just to keep the brevity!

8:34:32amKim Clark

UH has a 30 day pause on hiring that may be extended.

8:34:40amEli Olken Dann

At Fairfield University, this time to work remotely has allowed all of my staff members to focus on projects related to their annual goals. I am also requiring them to attend the NIRSA roundtables remotely, research remote programming opportunities and outline to me what aspects of their jobs can be done remotely (putting together remote fitness classes, intramural e-gaming tournaments etc. )

8:34:44amCraig Decker

yes a hiring freeze at UAB was just communicated.

8:35:28amEric Anderson

We're using a shared Google doc on larger projects for pro-staff so we can support one another. It's also a great time for professional development. We're doing a book club and I'm encouraging staff to attend NIRSA virtual roundtables!

8:35:29amLaura Munroe

UT San Antonio is under a hiring freeze.


Very concerned with GA searches. We are allowed to "recruit" but atthis stage the candidate pool is very light as potential students do not know what the future holds. Thoughts?

8:36:02amDeirdre Reich

Wingate -We are meeting twice/week via zoom. Working on the best way to hire for summer and next year. We have projects that we never seeo to get to. Data analysis, planning etc.

8:36:27amRoger Watson

Roger Watson Dixie State University Human Performance Center. Our FT staff is working on projects that we need to get done.

8:36:28amMary O'Mahoney

We are all going to have some really great revised handbooks for our program areas. Have facilities revising 3,5,7 year maintenance and replacement plan, and putting out quality virtual content. It is also budget season.

8:36:30amRomayne Eaker-Kelly

Nothing yet has been determined at Montclair State Univ. in regards to student fees. We are offering all program refunds r credits, will offer many summer and fall incentives to bring everyone back. Group Exercise classes being offered virtually, once we are back we will not offered those options to entice people back, we will also have incentive prizes in the fall to increase participation. Some student staff can and are working from home, they are keeping a running google sheet with update accomplishments. Prof staff working from home since this past Monday. Posting many tips on how to ergonomically work from home, don't mess up your back etc. they will be posted when done. We are all working on projects that we just have never had time to do before., manuals, handbooks, policies etc.

8:36:54amKari Post

What platform are people using to deliver/stream virtual workouts? Are instructors just streaming out (so basically sharing their video) or are participants also streaming back (so instructors can check form, etc)?

8:36:59amKevin George

We have a hiring freeze…was anticipating an esports professional and 3 incoming GAs - some fear and worries, but keeping positive and hoping the country practices the CDC and state/federal guidelines

8:37:00amVilayat Del Rossi

I am on the same page about GA's for next academic year. Are Universities still moving forward with their recruitment processes and how are they facilitating it?

8:37:03amRomayne Eaker-Kelly

MSU is on a hiring freeze as well.

8:37:12amDave Suter

University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Each day Pro Staff is sending me a daily report of activities. I have to send a report to Dean of Students each day at 2pm with highlights of the day. We are using Teams video conferencing for staff meetings. Easy for us with only 5 Professionals. I am trying to let them run with their ideas and so far so good. Trying not to push too many of my ideas until they run out of ideas. I am keeping a running list of ideas if it comes to a point that they run out of ideas.

8:37:30amMike Wise

At ESU, since we are virtual through the remainder of the academic year, we have moved up the timeline for the end of the year reports/evaluations/assessment for a lot of the things we do face to face. We are also holding virtual professional development, and during regularly scheduled meetings, do a zoom brainstorming session for virtual engagement.

8:37:51amDeirdre Reich

Wingate - yes to GA searches. Really have to continue this due to acceptance to grad school etc.

8:38:07amSandra Ondracka

At University of Windsor I have a small FT work team, so we are using Microsoft Teams. We established work plans prior to leaving the workplace. We have a Teams virtual meeting every Wednesday. I provide an update to our Athletics Director on w weekly basis of tasks in progress and tasks completed. We will be using Zoom to hold student staff meetings.

8:38:09amJosh Downing

Butler U. has a hiring freeze. I was in the middle of two full time searches and had to stop. Concerned we won’t be able to continue once things settle down.

8:38:12amRebecca Cegledy

we are utilizing google sheets that list each staff member. There is a column to lists tasks they will work on over the next two weeks and then a column for each day that they fill in at the end of their "shift" each day. HR is using this as a tracking device. We have a group google chat and people still engage for work but more so share the different aspects of their new day or jokes like they would normally walking to each others office. We are also going to do a virtual happy hour. All meetings are now google hang outs. We now have a all staff meeting each week instead of every month.

8:40:53amWendy Motch-Ellis

Does anyone have a shared document already started of professional development opportunities that you’ve reviewed, recommended or vetted that you’re sharing with your full-time staff for remote learning

8:41:06amjoy Polkabla Byers

Just joining in. I am looking for anyone that oversees not only Campus Rec but other areas on campus.. such as student counselling and Health Center... Under Student Well-being umbrella..

8:41:32amSteve Thompson



We have a scheduled meeting on Teams every Tuesday with Exec Staff and all staff on Thursdays. Otherwise we communicated dialy via multipe methods.

8:41:39amKari Post

My mental health - walks outside, lots of nature and fresh air. Also playing with my dog!

8:41:41amErin Farrar

UNLV team meeting/check in each day via webex. Shared google calendar for outward programming and shared google docs for ‘projects’ with deadlines.

8:42:01amWendy Motch-Ellis

we are having our fitness staff still lead stretch breaks and team move meetings

8:42:05amMatt Levy

My family and I take at least one half-mile + walk each day. Just to unplug

8:42:08amjoy Polkabla Byers

Morning workout is a must for me. Need the me time for a little ..


Hard now for us in Indiana because of the lousy dreary weather. Need sunshine!

8:42:20amRomayne Eaker-Kelly

Zoom meetings, and for students virtual Powtoon has been great check it out. Google, sheets.

8:42:37amErin Farrar

Joy I oversee the facility that houses Student Wellness and Counseling at UNLV.


Importnat to everyone to get outside, ride a bike, hike, etc.

8:42:56amJason Incorvati

Trying to stay disconnected, less connected to email/texts in off-hours. Daily walks with family. Sticking to routine, focusing on the here and now with a eye on the horizon.

8:42:59amMark Ritter

We are using this time to update and revise our website information, policies and procedures and purge emails and old documents.

8:42:59amKari Post

I also run a mile with my dog every morning and have been “trying out” various YouTube workout videos to use as resources prior to sharing with students.

8:43:02amAutumn Johnson

My health: we had a family zoom with siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. We decided it should not take a pandemic to keep doing it. :)

8:43:15amKevin George

Finding the blessings we have right now for mental health. My family has tons of privileges that we do not want to take for granted and to have empathy for others that are distressed and supporting them. We have been challenged to have child care for a 17 mo old, 5 yr old, and 8 yr olds that all have elementary school daily needs and learning their platforms, expectations, and assignments. We are paying for a nanny from 8:15-12:15pm daily and hiding in pockets of the house away from the baby….

8:43:20amGordon Nesbitt

Exercise, meditation, prayer, and looking at pictures of my grandchildren.

8:43:30amDeirdre Reich

Les Mills, Peleton and Beach body all have free classes.

8:43:37amDave Suter

Daily family workouts each day. Also making sure my staff is doing the same! The constant engagement is exhausting. need to take a break as well.

8:43:44amSteve Erickson

All our programming staff are busy changing over to virtual programming. Its very tricky and I have asked them all to try to collect data on how many are participating, so we can evaluate our success.

8:43:45amMike Wise

Keeping my schedule as consistent as possible (take a lunch break, and turning everything off at 5pm). I also make sure I give myself “me” time to get outside and do something as a distraction.

8:43:50amMarci Iverson

Walks, workouts, meditation, focusing on the positives, virtual gatherings with friends, taking screen breaks, etc.

8:43:53amRusty Vineyard

I think the battle for me right now is “decision fatigue” this environment is changing so quickly, that when we finally settle on changes.

8:43:53amJessica Ward

Exercise, love my Peloton, and just finding time to be with my family

8:43:56amRebecca Cegledy

Not sure that I have had time to think about myself yet. We just closed the building so there is a sense of release, so now I am looking to practice what I preached- staying connected, or catching up with friends and family, getting outside as possible, doing home workouts, sourcing paper products.

8:43:59amKen Morton

I played Quiplash last night virtually with 6 long time friends who live in various areas of the country. Plan to do it with staff this week also.

8:44:38amchristopher denison

Anybody potentially loosing their recreation department reserve funds to cover other University shortfalls?

8:44:42amCindy Strine

UTC is moving forward with our interview process for 2 positions via Zoom. We are working on a virtual tour of the facility. We are in the first stages of the positions. Our 2 positions are seen as essential and have been green-lighted. Other positions are on hold.

8:44:43amKevin George

Because of audio issues with all of the zoom/webex video conference calls by my 8 yr old and wife…in our offices downstairs…I can admit I’m in a bathroom!! Not multitasking if you know what I mean…I feel bad for that poor lady in a zoom that didn’t realize the video showed her sitting down on a toilet!

8:44:50amRomayne Eaker-Kelly

Making sure to work out, take a shower before I begin my day. I stop at the end of the day set time, because I feel I am working under too much stress. I plan a one hour walk at the end of the day in place of my long commute because I must decompress!

8:44:54amJustin Raymer

EKU has started a social media campaign we are calling #CampusRecConnect i would really love to see NIRSA catch on and use this tag for everything we are doing to engage our students remotely

8:44:55amGreg Durham

Chris - I have that fear.

8:45:09amSandra Ondracka

Thank you Pam! Great ideas.

8:45:25amMichael Giles

thanks to this virtual meeting, I’m on a walking meeting 😂😜

8:45:33amjoy Polkabla Byers

Love that...

8:45:57amKevin George

we are going outside with kids nearly every afternoon and seeing their joy from interacting with them..playing catch, taking scooters/bikes out to parking lots, and seeing great moments we would not have had so regularly

8:46:14amGansheng Xu

trying to get my 10,000 steps each days.😂

8:46:16amMaxwell Miller

Create a personal checklist for each day… Examples can be clean something, do yoga/meditate, exercise, put your phone down for 30 minutes, play a game, etc.

8:46:21amSteve Erickson

Getting outside is easy here in Montana. Walks and hikes everyday. All staff encouraged to keep exercising to stay healthy. Grandson is with me each day and we take time to go outside a play catch or hike.

8:46:35amVilayat Del Rossi

It is about your Mindset on this as well and leaning in to this opportunity rather than making decisions from a position of fear.

8:46:41amMarci Iverson

Thanks Pam! To build off what you were saying try to carry over other organizational habits such as time blocking and batching, sticking to a schedule - only work when I said I was going to work, etc.

8:47:11amErin Farrar

Chris UNLV student affairs may lose reserves to cover other areas. We are very early in the conversation but it is looking very possible

8:47:24amVilayat Del Rossi

Zoom Meeting themes: My DSA Well-Bing Committee Meeting Friday is "Hawaiian Theme"....Morale is important for us all.

8:47:28amKevin George

I was feeling guilty of not getting 7-8 hrs per day because of kids/house needs, so regularly have been doing 1-2 hours extra after kids go to bed at 8:30pm, not ideal, but as managers we have expectations daily. Our staff daily are required to document their daily work goals/tasks

8:47:43amDeirdre Reich

Yes. Decision fatigue is real. So much of what we are doing is reactionary.

8:47:48amTara Parker

Yes, to decision fatigue as well as navigating responding to my leadership and last minute request.

8:47:54amPam Watts

Last week I ended most days with a message to staff about what I was grateful for from all of them.

8:48:11amTeri Bladen

Yes, definitely Decision Fatigue. With facilities closed, it has made it easier to be "done" at 6p or so. Most of the late night communication is working with upper admin.

8:48:46amKevin George

Another great engagement tool is to empower pro staff to continue collaborative work or committee work via Student Affairs to continue to think how they can be impactful (Well-Being, 1st gen, Diversity/equity/inclusion, etc).

8:49:05amVilayat Del Rossi

Expressing appreciation and gratitude for our teams is very helpful in my own mental health:)

8:49:54amDiane Yee, MSU Denver

Serious Question: What’s going to happen with the national t-shirt competition?

8:50:22amDean Bowen

We've been scheduling zoom meetings with out dept and Student affairs- but more like happy hour talks- no work talk, no COVID-19, just socializing. We all need to keep those connections. Virtual high fives :)

8:50:44amKari Post

Dean Bowen, that’s a great idea!

8:50:58amKevin George

We miss so much the NIRSA family reunion - impacts our well-being to not have that physical and emotional connectedness in person

8:51:01amKari Post

I’ve been calling some peers just to check in on them - they’re outside our department but working hard.

8:51:16amLaura Klein

UNT will host a Zoom happy hour Friday after work.

8:51:27amMichael Giles

if you do a student banquet, how are y’all creating virtual options?

8:51:45amKevin George

We cannot buy awards for end of year banquet

8:51:46amDon Umland

I have a concern on our campus at Augustana as we still have 200 international students on campus that can't go home. Limitations of food and room is about all we can do which is disappointing. We have some online items but that only goes so far

8:52:01amGreg Durham

With everyone being WFH, and the Midwest stitll being cold, I have concerns about who is walking through our facilities.

8:52:14amKevin George

So trying to create a meaningful virtual banquet celebrating seniors and award winners, and record it. Also have an end of year video *year in recap and also senior goodbyes.

8:52:14amLinda Knight

In Recreation our goal t is always to try to help and say yes, it is difficult right now to say no as often as we are having to. Also at a time when people need us most we are closed. We are all in this together - this is a great way to support each other. Thanks NIRSA and all of you for being willing to share.

8:52:16amJeff Huskey

UCSB is opening our locker rooms for our homeless students to shower.

8:52:20amDeirdre Reich

We have been tossing around the idea of a zoom banguet. Bring your own dinner type virtual celebration


We met with county emergency to be a mini hospital for covid 19 patients

8:52:36amNIRSA Smartboard

Also a reminder - Facilities Roundtable: Friday, March 27 & April 10 at 11am PT

8:52:39amPeter Mumford

In regards to future events, has there been thought about what NIRSA will do with future leadership event/conferences based on the current evolving situation and how the current American administration is dealing with COVID 19??

8:52:52amKathy Obuszewski

While I have no clue for CWRU rec and

8:52:57amKevin George

Also we are planning to be a potential shelter in place and possibly a place for hospital staff to stay also

8:53:01amLynn Nester

Is there any discussion at the association (possibly going with other HE associations) level re: advocating for federal aid for higher ed institutions?

8:53:06amGreg Jordan

Oakland President has offered university space to community

8:53:17amPeter Mumford

Hotels in Ontario are being used as shelters for homeless

8:53:21amRusty Vineyard

we are exploring hosting a WiFi parking lot in or Rec center lot for students do not have WiFi.

8:53:45amKevin George

We were a shelter for a past hurricane for irene for Atlantic City displaced individuals

8:53:52amDean Bowen

Our University has offered limited space to the city/state (MA) but trying to relocate our (permanent students) first

8:53:59amKathy Obuszewski

one to one will be used. But I know Ohio Director of Health is reaching out to universities including CWRU to use the dorms as either ICU or seclusion areas for medical staff

8:54:00amKevin George


8:54:36amDeirdre Reich

Wingate- we are a county emergency shelter. We have not been asked to get anything ready at this time. However, university operations wants to put down floor covering. I'm wondering if putting vinyl on the wood floor for an extended time could be detrimental to the flooring?


Here at Coastal Carolina we are treating this emergency like a Hurricane recovery for any federal or state personnel. We are used to it.

8:54:45amNIRSA Smartboard

Note to all - NIRSA/ACUHO-I/ACUI facilities webinar is being planned for Friday, April 3, 11am PT - info coming to NIRSA website soon

8:54:49amKeith Wenrich

Our campus will use Res Halls, since they are closed, for emergency shelters.

8:55:10amKevin George

Todays email from my Assoc VP - Just a heads up that we are in preliminary conversations with the State to activate the emergency shelter. This is to house staff needed to reopen Inspira-Woodbury. We hope that we may actually be able to house them in a residence hall, but may need to “activate” the shelter (even if no one will be housed there) to be able to use the emergency resources and supplies.

8:55:18amMike Wise

At ESU we are a designated site for medical assistance if needed, through the cities emergence management plan.

8:55:29amKate Smith

Thank you Jeff!

8:55:35amMary O'Mahoney

Jeff beat me to the punch, I am a member of our university EOC and we are constantly tracking time, resources, etc.

8:55:53amMichael Giles

ISU has a MOU with local hospital to be a satellite facility if needed.

8:56:02amRebecca Cegledy

IM online options, Virtual Banquets, Online PT sessions

8:56:03amDiane Yee, MSU Denver

Who has a list of ways to keep busy on their webpages?

8:56:06amKevin George

I would like to chat about the large scale impact to higher ed. - for those that saw the Fox News video of the gentleman saying we don’t need in person higher ed

8:56:12amDon Umland

Thank you Leah and all. This is helpful and could be something that could go on year round??

8:56:24amMichael Giles

can an outdoor Rec virtual Roundtable be created?

8:56:26amAlicia Rossow

Thank you all for your time. It was good seeing everyone.


GA recruitment issues!

8:56:30amPeter Mumford

Question about concerns for long term border crossing

8:56:31amLaurie Braden

great to see everyone's faces. be well, get out and run or walk. have to go to another meeting.

8:56:37ammarie turchiano

Stony Brook University - our rec center is being looked at for a field hospital, we will hear within the next week or so. would be great to connect with others who are in or experienced a similar situation. Our outdoor field complex has already been taken over by the State as a drive in testing site.


Continuing Education Ideas.

8:56:47amJustin Raymer


8:56:50amKevin George Fox News video on higher ed doesn’t need traditional campus

8:56:50amMary O'Mahoney

Would appreciate some unique fun ways we can celebrate our graduating students with most end of year activities being canceled.

8:56:53amchristopher denison

This has been really helpful. Thanks so much for putting this together.

8:57:03amKevin George

How that can impact student affairs and campus rec

8:57:16amKathryn Dunn

We are looking for ways to celebrate our seniors and all staff as well

8:57:19amKevin George

For online students we get no student fees

8:57:26amAutumn Johnson

For those that have a hold on full-time hiring: is that your decision or university decision? If it is your decision, what are your thoughts of why holding on searches?

8:57:29amSandra Ondracka

What student resources are you using to help support your student staff during this time? We are developing a weekly plan to provide regular tips on mental, emotional, financial, physical support …. Also what fun ways are you engaging with students vitually?

8:57:35amAndy Milton

Smaller schools...temporary furloughs once spring terms end?

8:57:37amCindy Wright

Would be interested in thinking about future contingency plans if we don't open on time in the fall.

8:57:39amErin Farrar

Thank you all this has been very helpful!

8:57:41amLaura Klein


8:57:43amPeter Mumford

Maybe look at Canadian specific as many of the laws and concerns being discussed are much different - I would host

8:57:46amMichele Schwitzky

Looking for ideas to celebrate seniors and end of year employee recognition

8:57:56amGreg Durham

Very interested in private school concerns related to COVID-19

8:57:58amNIRSA Smartboard

Summer camps is scheduled (as of last night!) for Thursday, April 2 & 9 at 2pm PT

8:58:10amjoy Polkabla Byers

This is great! Thank you! Nice to see some smiling faces.

8:58:13amJustin Raymer

where can i find the list of upcoming NIRSA webinars?

8:58:25amchristine haluzak

A small programs specific roundtable will be hosted on Thursday morning

8:58:28amNIRSA Smartboard

8:58:43amJustin Raymer

Thank you!

8:58:50amDeirdre Reich

Where is link for small school roundtable?

8:59:07amNIRSA Smartboard

8:59:08amSandra Ondracka

Can NIRSA provide a webpage on resources of support and websites that we can use to get ideas to keep ourselves and students engaged?

8:59:10amRebecca Cegledy

Thank You everyone!

8:59:21amJeff Heiser

Thank you all!

8:59:24amRoger Watson

Thank you!

8:59:28amDeirdre Reich

Thanks for hosting this

8:59:29amNIRSA Smartboard

Re: Sandra - see connect for link to working Google doc

8:59:31amsylvana cicero

thank you

8:59:33amKevin George

This was fantastic…wishing you all wellbeing

8:59:48amTeri Bladen

Thanks everyone, stay active, stay healthy!


Be grateful

8:59:53amchristine haluzak

Connect is also a great way to share resources

8:59:55amKen Morton

Thanks gotta jump on another call:)

9:00:12amIan Brown

Yes, thank you all.

9:00:27amMike Widen

Thanks to all of your for your leadership! Great seeing all of you!

9:00:27amGansheng Xu

Great meeting

9:00:28amKathy Matta

Appreciate input from all- helps everyone. Be safe. Seton Hall

9:00:36amTara Parker


9:00:38amDean Bowen

thanks all

9:00:39amJeff Huskey

Super helpful, glad we did this. Although everyone's situations are slightly different it helps to hear what everyone is doing!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email