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NIRSA Assembly

NIRSA Assembly’s Guide to Health & Wellbeing Resources

Last Updated: August 28, 2020

NIRSA Assembly

Student success hinges on a student’s ability to implement healthy practices, coping mechanisms, and self-care in times of need. Access and exposure to health and wellbeing programs, services, and facilities may be the most impactful co-curricular resources an institution can provide.

The importance and potential reach of this topic led the NIRSA Assembly to compile resources for the broader NIRSA membership; it is intended that this information will continue to be updated and evolve along with the topic of wellbeing on campus. Members are encouraged to submit thoughts, ideas, and examples for inclusion.

The resources compiled here are designed to provide campus recreation professionals with an introduction to and general information about this emerging topic, as well as to highlight some of the health and wellbeing programs and facilities within collegiate recreation departments and across college campuses that are making strides in this work. Read about how this resource was developed. »

Health & Wellbeing Resources

compiled by the NIRSA Assembly

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NIRSA News: Health & Wellbeing

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NIRSA Assembly Health & Wellbeing Working Group

This resource was compiled by the NIRSA Assembly Health & Wellbeing Working Group, a sub-group of the NIRSA Assembly.


  • Wes Bonadio, Ohio University
  • Jodi Galucci, Cornell University
  • Derek Hottell, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Karina Knutson, University of North Dakota
  • Lynn Nester, Ed.D., California State University, San Bernardino
  • Chance Ryon, Belmont University
  • Stephanie Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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