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NIRSA Elections
NIRSA Elections

Candidate for Canadian Regional Representative

Tanya Angus
University of Manitoba

Biography/Summary Resume

Hello NIRSA Canada, my name is Tanya Angus and I am the Director of Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba where I have been in this role since 2009. Previously, I worked in municipal recreation for six years as well as part-time as a fitness instructor in both municipal and not-for profit facilities. Recreation is my passion and as soon as I heard about working full-time in this area, I was hooked. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in recreation from the University of Manitoba where my master’s focus was on campus recreation’s role in student engagement. I have been part of both Recreation Connections and Canadian Parks & Recreation Association as a board member and now that I work in campus recreation, I want to pursue a leadership role as I see the benefits on a daily basis that recreation has on our community.

I have been a NIRSA member for the past ten years and some of my contributions within the Association are listed below:

– Manitoba and/or Central Region Director for NIRSA Canada Region, 2016–present

– Chair the Assessment Task Force, 2016–present

– Received an Outstanding Achievement from the NIRSA Canada Board, 2018

– Co-Chaired the first NIRSA Canada Region Conference at the University of Manitoba, 2017

– Presented at past/present NIRSA Canada (WCCRC) Conferences, 2016–present

– Was selected as a Humans of NIRSA video recipient, 2016

– Table lead for Canada In Motion at University of Victoria, 2016

– Presented my thesis poster at the NIRSA National Conference, 2011

During this time, I’ve diligently attended regular NIRSA leadership calls, provided feedback from my region, completed tasks on time and continue to learn about NIRSA and the Canadian Region campus recreation needs. If selected, I will continue to collaborate with colleagues, try to find commonality across Canada and help solidify the Canadian Region.

What do you see as opportunities in collegiate recreation and our Association? How would you collaborate with the Member Network team to address these issues?

NIRSA’s 2018–2021 strategic plan has identified key opportunities within our field and I look forward to working with the Member Network on these issues; integration of health & wellbeing, advocate for our profession, enhance learning opportunities and for NIRSA looking at the brand identity.

By being part of the larger Member Network, our region will be able to use some of the best practices that have worked elsewhere but also, we can assist the Member Network to be aware of some of the challenges with our new and large (geographical) region.

For opportunities within the Canadian Region, there are a number. Knowing that our region is in its infancy, I think it’s important to re-look at our regional strategic plan, set some realistic goals of what we can accomplish, and have people in place across the country that will help work towards these goals.

In describing your contributions to NIRSA, identify how your involvement and experiences meet the position criteria and qualify you to serve NIRSA in this role.

I’ve been a member of NIRSA for the past ten years but only recently involved in a more active role. I think this dynamic can be advantageous as I can relate to those that have been involved for a number of years as I’ve been a professional for a number of years but also I can relate to those new professionals that want to get involved. (A more thorough list of my involvement is listed in my bio.)

In terms of my experience, I’ve been fortunate to have many leadership opportunities and my strengths include being organized, hardworking and inquisitive to better understand so I can fully contribute. I’m a strong believer in “beg, borrow or steal (less stealing but implementing :) )” of good ideas as this is an easy way for all of us to accomplish more. I look forward to working with like-minded Leaders and will try to engage our membership frequently.

Please share your ideas for engaging volunteers and identifying leaders in your region.

I think the best way to engage volunteers and identify leaders is through direct contact. A personal contact is valuable in our busy worlds and sometimes people don’t put their names forward for volunteer positions because they have never been directly asked. I also think back as to why I became more involved in NIRSA, and for me, it is about connecting with my peers, so we can exchange ideas and work together to solve problems and/or find solutions.

Lastly, I’m an energetic and organized leader and I think these strengths could really help our region come together and expand on the best practices that are happening across our region(s).

Working together, we can all be stronger.

NIRSA Elections: Tanya Angus