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Campus Recreational Sports Facilities
Planning Design and Construction Guidelines

Published by NIRSA: 2009

Campus Recreational Sports Facilities: Planning Design and Construction Guidelines

The significance of campus recreational facilities in an institution’s success has led many institutions to evaluate possibilities for new or renovated recreational spaces. For assistance in these construction and renovation projects, campus recreational professionals and others can look to the advice, guidance, and best practices in Campus Recreational Sport Facilities: Planning, Design, and Construction Guidelines.

This practical guide covers the entire process of building a facility, from the initial planning through design, construction, and move-in. With this text, recreational sport directors, architects, and construction and equipment consultants have access to the latest industry standards, guidelines, and information to navigate the complex process of planning, designing, building, and opening a recreational or sport-specific facility.

Developed by NIRSA in conjunction with NIRSA member architects and campus recreational sport directors, this valuable resource presents current construction options and assists you in determining which option best meets your institution’s needs. This comprehensive reference contains the following features:

  • Explanations of the concepts and outlines of the procedures for planning, designing, constructing, and renovating indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
  • Industry standards, NIRSA guidelines, and planning principles, including information on universal and green design
  • A dedicated Web site with links to current field and court specifications from numerous national governing bodies, allowing easy access to dimensions and information for efficient planning and design of both indoor and outdoor sport spaces
  • A glossary of terms used by architects, recreational sport directors, and contractors to encourage clear and consistent communication throughout all stages of the project

Campus Recreational Sport Facilities: Planning, Design, and Construction Guidelines is packed with expert advice from architects, construction managers, and campus recreation directors. Numerous photos of recreational facilities will spark your imagination with possibilities and provide visual examples of guidelines for facilities. This book covers the following topics:

  • The planning process from the perspective of the campus master planner and the recreational sport director
  • The feasibility study process, how to determine whether to build new or renovate existing facilities, and how to raise capital to fund design and construction costs
  • The design and general planning standards for indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, aquatic centers, and climbing walls
  • The integration of furniture, fixtures, and equipment in the architectural design and construction processes
  • An overview of the architectural design and construction processes
  • Moving in and opening your new or newly renovated facility

Transforming the institutional vision of a recreational sport facility into a reality is a complicated process. The rising costs of construction and fulfilling institutional and financial goals also make it a high-stakes endeavor. From start to finish, rely on Campus Recreational Sport Facilities: Planning, Design, and Construction Guidelines and build your peace of mind as you build or renovate your recreational facility.

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