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The NIRSA Services Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of NIRSA, was formed in 1999 to develop, guide, and implement marketing opportunities through collegiate recreation.

NSC builds custom marketing opportunities for forward looking companies to tap into the passion and authenticity of the student in the recreation center. Together with the exclusive partnership with Riddle & Bloom, the NSC collaborates to bring value added campus activations to NIRSA member schools.

NSC also offers BluefishJobs and the NIRSA Championship Series, including regional and national tournaments for sport club and intramural athletes.

Focus for 2021-2024 Board Terms

Focus for 2021-2024 NSC Board Terms/Skills we are recruiting for:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, focused on how to generate revenue and expand services
  • Experience with sponsorship and/or sales, as it relates to campus and organization-wide activations and growth
  • Bold, innovative thinking and ability to critically analyze and problem solve

NIRSA Services Corporation Board Member Expectations

All NSC Directors have the following duties and functions but are not limited to:

  • Commitment to serve a three year term
  • Maintain NIRSA membership in good standing throughout the term
  • Attend and participate in all meetings of the Board of Directors, regardless of type and medium
  • Manage the requirements of a volunteer leader with the expectations associated with one’s primary job responsibilities
  • Represent the Board of Directors at various NSC functions, as appropriate
  • Uphold the mission/vision of NIRSA Services Corporation and its parent organization, NIRSA
  • Demonstrate a commitment to NSC’s programs and services.
  • Active interest in promotion and sponsoring of NSC programs and events.

To accomplish the duties and functions of a Director, appropriate funding within the NSC annual operating budget will be available.

Qualifications and Competencies needed to serve on the NIRSA Services Corporation Board of Directors

Minimum Qualifications necessary for an NSC Director:

  • Current Professional, Professional Life, or Emeritus membership as well as at least five prior years of professional membership.
  • Five years in an administrative/management position with direct experience in:
    1. budget development and budget accountability
    2. supervision of full-time staff
    3. event management
  • Service to NSC and/or NIRSA in a volunteer leadership capacity.
  • Proven interest in NSC’s and NIRSA’s respective missions.
  • Demonstrated commitment to NSC’s and/or NIRSA’s programs and services.
  • Active interest in promotion and sponsoring of NSC programs and events.

Preferred Qualifications for an NSC Director:

  • Exceptional oral communication skills as demonstrated by NSC and/or NIRSA presentations.
  • Excellent written communication skills as demonstrated by responses to required questions.
  • Previous experience on a not-for-profit or for-profit board of directors.
  • Past experience in strategic planning.
  • Knowledge of current issues and trends in higher education.
  • Experience with enterprise operations and/or corporate sponsorship programs.
  • Entrepreneurial experience in public or private sector.

Applications are due January 22, 2021

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For questions about NIRSA Services Corporation board positions, please contact Stephanie McAlpine, NSC Vice President, or Jennifer Speer, NSC President. If you have any questions or difficulties completing this form, please contact Elishea Borin at NIRSA headquarters.