On July 1, 2019 the Communities of Practice were sunset.

Most of these communities remain as member-run discussion groups. See Connect for more information.


Contribute to the diversity of specializations within the profession

NIRSA’s communities of practice provide significant support for the mission and strategic vision of the Association.

These communities allow NIRSA members to access information and resources in specific interest areas, to participate in the creation of best practices and knowledge in these areas, and to build a network of colleagues who are passionate about the same topics!

Gain access to…

  • Ongoing discussions with the option of receiving new posts in your email
  • Library of files for advocacy efforts, best practices, or creating PowerPoints
  • Networking opportunities with peers who have similar interests or have solutions to problems

Why should you get involved in a community of practice?

Potential advantages for active participation in these communities include:

  • Access to relevant discussion forums
  • Best practices document exchange
  • Access to a dedicated resource library
  • Information about related professional development events
  • New networks of colleagues to engage with at the annual conference or other NIRSA events

What does a community of practice comprise?

Communities of practice comprise three main elements:

  • A community of people who share a common interest
  • A set of issues community members are interested in
  • A commitment to develop practices that help community members more effectively address the set of shared issues
Visit the NIRSA Communities of Practice at NIRSA Connect