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Regional Award of Merit

NIRSA professionals wear countless hats; to be successful they often become innovative, dedicated, pioneers in the field of collegiate recreational sports.

Many of us know colleagues who have demonstrated an outstanding capacity for innovation, gone above and beyond in their dedicated volunteer service to the association, or have significantly contributed to the advancement of the profession in our states, provinces, and regions.

The NIRSA Regional Awards of Merit recognize a professional from each NIRSA Region who demonstrates exceptional performance or dedication to NIRSA or the field of collegiate recreation on a state or provincial wide, or regional basis. Honor the exceptional efforts or achievements of one of your NIRSA colleagues by nominating them for a NIRSA Regional Award of Merit.

Presented each year during the NIRSA Annual Conference and Campus Rec & Wellness Expo, awards will be conferred on individuals who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to serving their NIRSA region.

Nominations are due on November 15, 2019.

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Eligibility & Selection Criteria


To be eligible for nomination, the individual should meet all of the following criteria:

  • Hold current membership in NIRSA
  • Have held continuous membership in NIRSA for five years preceding the nomination for award
  • Have worked or resided in the region during the period of time for which the award is based
  • Receive a nomination from a current member of the individual’s region.

It is recommended that the Regional Representative for each region not be nominated, strictly because he/she occupies that position and the award is to recognize other contributions made to the region or state.

Selection criteria

To illustrate how your nominee exemplifies outstanding service to NIRSA, please describe how your nominee contributed to one or more of the following areas during the past year:

  • Leadership of a pioneering nature in the formulation or development of regional/state/provincial activities.
  • Significant contributions to the establishment, development or operation of a NIRSA endorsed regional or state/provincial conference, workshop or tournament.
  • Significant contributions to the cultivation of individual or institutional NIRSA membership within the state/provincial or region.
  • Extraordinary dedication or creativity exhibited as a member of a regional/state/provincial NIRSA committee.
  • Significant contributions to NIRSA publications, media presentations or special projects conducted on a regional or state/provincial wide basis.
  • Significant contributions to the implementation of the Association’s affirmative action objectives, conducted on a regional or state/provincial wide basis.

Previous Recipients


Region I: Kevin George, CRSS, Rowan University
Region II: James Wilkening, University of Central Florida
Region III: Jess Gentry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Region IV: Stephanie E. McAlpine, The University of Texas at Arlington
Region V: Andy Milton, Saint Ambrose University
Region VI: Janice DeMonsi, Santa Clara University
Canadian Region: Debbie Marinoff Shupe, McMaster University


Region I: Earl Cabellon, University of Maryland, College Park
Region II: Mark Crager, University of Southern Mississippi
Region III: John Lentz, Indiana State University
Region IV: Laura Munroe, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Region VI: Mary O’Mahoney, California State University – Bakersfield
Canadian Region: Chris Dawe


Region I: Gordon Nesbitt, PhD, CRSS, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Region II: Steven Bobbitt, RCRSP, James Madison University
Region III: Therese Kennedy, CRSS, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
Region IV: Kristy Caldwell, CRSS, Texas State University
Region V: Zac Brost, University of Nebraska
Region VI: Brent Harrison, University of Oregon


Region I: Jennifer Gudaz, Cornell University
Region II: Tom Roberts, CRSS, University of Richmond
Region III: Rin Seibert, CRSS, Valparaiso University
Region IV: Laurie Braden, RCRSP, CRSS, Louisiana State University
Region V: Erin Patchett, RCRSP,CRSS, Colorado State University
Region VI: Mike Weinberger, University of California, Berkeley


Region I: David Hall, CRSS, Ed.D., Springfield College
Region II: Dale Ramsey, CRSS, University of Louisville
Region III: Brian Cousins, University of Illinois at Chicago
Region IV: Tony Daniels, CRSS, Prairie View A&M University
Region V: Steve Erickson, CRSS, RCRSP, Montana State University
Region VI: Laura Hall, University of California-Davis


Region I: Steve Gambino, Ed.D., RCRSP, West Chester University
Region II: Eric Hunter, CRSS, University of South Florida
Region III: Sarah E. Hardin, Ph.D., DePaul University
Region IV: PeeWee Roberson, CRSS, Texas Tech University
Region V: Robert Denney, Creighton University
Region VI: Alex Accetta, RCRSP, Portland State University


Region I: Jeffrey Sessine, RCRSP, CRSS, Centers
Region II: David Bowles, RCRSP, CRSS, University of Florida
Region III: David DeAngelo, CRSS, The Ohio State University
Region IV: Michael Waldron, RCRSP, CRSS, Texas A&M University
Region V: Mike Widen, CRSS, University of Iowa
Region VI: Douglas Ewing, CRSS, Arizona State University


Region I: Denny M. Byrne, RCRSP, University of New Hampshire
Region II: Dr. R. Kevin Marbury, RCRSP, CRSS, Old Dominion University
Region III: Mila L. Padgett, University of South Carolina Aiken
Region IV: Randall Ford, CRSS, The University of Texas at Austin
Region V: Chris Dawe, RCRSP, Mount Royal University
Region VI: Jen de-Vries, RCRSP, Oregon State University


Region I: Andrea Dutcher, CRSS, Cornell University
Region II: Eric Hawkes, Florida Atlantic University
Region III: Kim M. Schmidt, CRSS, University of Cincinnati
Region IV: Mary Chappell, CRSS, University of Kansas
Region V: Mick McComber, CRSS, University of Minnesota Duluth
Region VI: Joe Watz, University of California, Berkeley


Region I: Tim Moore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Region II: Julie Wallace Carr, James Madison University
Region III: Tom R. Jones, CRSS, Central Michigan University
Region IV: Mary Ellen Milam, CRSS, Texas Christian University
Region V: Vicki Highstreet, CRSS, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Region VI: Chad Ellsworth, CRSS, Arizona State University


Region I: Jocelyn Hill, American University
Region II: Robert Frye, CRSS, Florida International University
Region III: Stacey Hall, CRSS, Indiana University
Region IV: Paul Wilson, CRSS, University of Oklahoma
Region V: Mark Hecht, Augustana College (South Dakota)
Region VI: Lisa Stuppy, Boise State University


Region I: Barbara Aiken, CRSS, University of Maryland
Region II: Nancy J. Mize, East Carolina University
Region III: Jesse “Tony” Clements, University of Illinois
Region IV: Suzette Smith, CRSS, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Region V: Harry Ostrander, CRSS, University of Iowa
Region VI: John Knight, CRSS, Weber State University


Region I: Bill Crockett, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Region II: Eric Nickel, CRSS, James Madison University
Region III: Greg Jordan, CRSS, Oakland University
Region IV: Warren “Spider” Simpson, Ph.D., Hardin-Simmons University
Region V: Todd Pfingsten, CRSS, Minnesota State University Mankato
Region VI: Mick Deluca, CRSS, UCLA


Region I: John Leahy, CRSS, Stonehill College
Region II: David Gaskins, CRSS, East Carolina University
Region III: Stan Shingles, CRSS, Central Michigan University
Region IV: John Campbell, CRSS, University of California, Davis
Region V: Mark Powell, CRSS, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Region VI: Mirum Washington White, CRSS, University of Arizona


Region I: Kurt Klier, CRSS, University of Maryland (College Park)
Region II: Laura Walling, CRSS, Mississippi State
Region III: Patrick Kennedy, CRSS, Case Western Reserve
Region IV: Wayne Harper, CRSS, University of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Region V: Ron Seibring, CRSS, Saint Cloud State University
Region VI: Rich Sedgwick, CRSS, Western Oregon University


Region I: Eric Stein, CRSS, Princeton University
Region II: Leslie Whitmer, CRSS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach
Region III: Troy Vaughn, CRSS, Ball State University
Region IV: Tom Dison, CRSS, University of Texas at Austin
Region V: Joe Kaminski, CRSS, University of Nebraska – Omaha
Region VI: Paul Lee, CRSS, University of California – Santa Barbara


Region I: Hazel Varner, CRSS
Region II: Rhonda DuBord
Region III: Jan Wells
Region IV: Kent Bunker
Region V: John Meyer
Region VI: Kathleen Hatch


Region I: Jodi Hawkins
Region II: William Ehling
Region III: Elizabeth Davis
Region IV: Butch Sutton
Region V: Loretta Capra
Region VI: Pamela Su


Region I: Silvia Chan
Region II: David Scott
Region III: Kathryn Bayless
Region IV: Joe MacLean
Region V: Diane Belz
Region VI: Gary Leonard


Region I: Nadine Essel
Region II: Jim Eubanks
Region III: Robert England
Region IV: Randy Mast
Region V: Scott White
Region VI: Dave Koch


Region I: Patti Bostic
Region II: Andrew Honker
Region III: Jeff Vessely
Region IV: Raydon H. Robel
Region V: Jim Langel
Region VI: Bob Gildersleeve


Region I: Ned Britt
Region II: Sid Gonsoulin
Region III: Carol Stickel
Region IV: Steve Kintigh
Region V: Dan Allen
Region VI: Lloyd Hisaka


Region I: Steve Young
Region II: Cheree Causey
Region III: Maureen McGonagle
Region IV: Doug Kuykendall
Region V: Craig Stinson
Region VI: Darcy Bingham


Region I: Susan DiMonda
Region II: Stephen Rey
Region III: James A. Nasiopulos
Region IV: Dennis Corrington
Region V: Chanell Walby
Region VI: Thomas Kirch


Region I: Lynn Heyliger
Region II: William Healey
Region III: William Sells
Region IV: Barbara Brimi
Region V: Bill Ellis
Region VI: Michael Munson


Region I: Cy Fritz
Region II: Evans Brown
Region III: Dixie A. Bennett
Region IV: John W. Reznik
Region V: Mike Cigelman
Region VI: Joseph Long


Region I: Thad Dwyer
Region II: Newell Dorsey
Region III: Patricia Besner
Region IV: Don C. Bailey
Region V: Suzanne Slepitza
Region VI: Steve Martin


Region I: Art Tuveson
Region II: Samuel Hirt
Region III: J. Michael Dunn
Region IV: Fred Perez
Region V: Stan Campbell
Region VI: Tony Softli


Region I: David M. Ames
Region II: Susan Ivie Boling
Region III: Sally Myers
Region IV: James Potter
Region V: Stan McDowell
Region VI: Sandra Vaughn


Region I: Gene Grzywna
Region II: Mark Fletcher
Region III: John Colgate
Region IV: Jim Garrett
Region V: Mick Deluca
Region VI: Mike Huff & Linda Dezzani

For More Info

For more information about the NIRSA Regional Awards of Merit, please contact NIRSA Member Relations Manager, Sarah Leskovec.