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Horace Moody Award

We all get our start as students in collegiate recreation somewhere; many of us have been fortunate enough to have the path to student success clearly defined by an exceptional NIRSA mentor.

Their encouragement, support, and commitment to excellence have made our educational pursuits exciting and rewarding. The Horace Moody Awards are given to one NIRSA professional member from each of the seven NIRSA regions to recognize their contributions to student development.

Honor an outstanding professional who has made significant contributions to your student development by nominating them for a NIRSA Horace Moody Award. Awards will be conferred on individuals who have made a lasting difference in mentoring students and guiding students in their professional development.

Each year award recipients are recognized through a variety of mediums, including press releases, social media, and various digital displays and announcements at conferences throughout the year.

Deadline Extended: Nominations are due November 29, 2021

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The nomination period has ended.

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To be eligible for a Horace Moody Award nomination, the individual should meet the following criteria:

  • Receive nomination from a current student or professional NIRSA member.
  • Serve as an active and good role model on their campus.
  • Hold a current NIRSA professional membership and have been active for the last two years.
  • Not have received this award within the last two years.
  • Be a member in good standing and exemplify standards of ethical behavior, consistent with the NIRSA Member Code of Ethics

Selection Criteria

Exceptional nominees should have contributed to student mentorship in one or more of the following ways during the past year:

  • Attendance at Student Lead Ons or the Emerging Recreational Sports Leadership Conference
  • Service on the NIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Awards Committee and/or the Student Professional Development Committee
  • Participation as a mentor to students
  • Participation in the Take a Student to Lunch session at the NIRSA Annual Conference
  • Involvement at Student Professional Workshops including presentations
  • Volunteering in the Career Services Center

Each nominee will receive a letter of notification regarding nomination for this award, ensuring that all nominees are recognized for their outstanding service

Previous Recipients


Region I: Steve Young
Region II: Stephen Rey
Region III: J. Michael Dunn
Region IV: Jacob Tingle
Region V: Vicki Highstreet
Region VI: Mirum Washington-White


Region I: Sev-Ira’ Brown
Region II: Michael Andress
Region III: Christopher Morris
Region IV: Jennifer Beck
Region V: Stan Campbell
Region VI: Paul Lee


Region I: Jeffrey Kearney, CRSS
Region II: Peter Tulchinsky
Region III: Troy Vaughn, CRSS
Region IV: Warren Simpson
Region V: Todd Pfingsten, CRSS
Region VI: Pamela Su, CRSS


Region I: Steve Kampf, CRSS, State University of New York – Brockport
Region II: Chris McGee, University of Southern Mississippi
Region III: Eric Corbitt, CRSS, Wright State University
Region IV: Jennifer Bezner, Texas State University-San Marcos
Region V: Ryan Stevens, CRSS, Minnesota State University-Mankato
Region VI: Ryan Lahne, Washington State University


Region I: Steve Young, CRSS, Temple University
Region II: David Gaskins, CRSS, East Carolina University
Region III: Stan Shingles, CRSS, Central Michigan University
Region IV: Lori Lynn, CRSS, Southeast Missouri State University
Region V: Joe Kaminski, CRSS, University of Nebraska – Omaha
Region VI: Mike Munson, University of Southern California


Region I: Mark A. Salazar, University of Maryland
Region II: Mark Williams, Western Kentucky University
Region III: Mo McAlpine, CRSS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Region IV: Robin Hatchwell, CRSS, University of Texas at Austin
Region V: Jarrett Yehlen, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Region VI: Catherine Cramp, CRSS, Pepperdine University


Region I: Bhavin Parekh, University of Connecticut
Region II: Lorie Miller, James Madison University
Region III: Jeffrey Sessine, DePaul University
Region IV: Nicole Olmeda, University of Texas at Austin
Region V: Mike Cigelman, Drake University
Region VI: Ken Morton, Sacramento State University


Region I: Earl Cabellon, University of Maryland
Region II: William Healey, CRSS, University of West Florida
Region III: Maureen McGonagle, CRSS, DePaul University
Region IV: Butch Sutton, San Jacinto College Central
Region V: Michelle Stewart, CRSS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Region VI: Chantelle Russell, University of Oregon


Region I: Michael Medina, Quinnipiac University
Region II: Angie Bryant, Belmont University
Region III: Susan Mahoney, CRSS, Indiana University
Region IV: Pee Wee Roberson, CRSS, Texas Tech University
Region V: Andy Milton, St. Ambrose University
Region VI: Tiffany Lundy, University of Oregon


Region I: Kevin George, Rowan University
Region II: Keith Wenrich, University of Georgia
Region III: Judy Yeast, Western Illinois University
Region IV: Sikirat Kazeem, Texas A&M University
Region V: Mike Widen, University of Iowa
Region VI: Derek Hottell, Seattle University


Region II: Ben Smith, Virginia Tech
Region V: Zac Brost, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Region VI: Andy Ramirez, University of California, Davis


Region I: Gary Baker, Rowan University
Region II: Jeffrey Schmitt, University of West Florida
Region III: Rob Jech, The Ohio State University
Region IV: Steve Waden, Texas Tech University
Region V: Christopher B. Denison, University of Northern Iowa
Region VI: Troy Snow, Oregon State University


Region I: Christopher Schmidt, Providence College
Region II: Christopher J. Morris, Florida State University
Region III: April Boulter- Ruther, Loyola University Chicago
Region IV: Tony Daniels, CRSS, University of Texas at San Antonio
Region V: Chris Dawe, RCRSP, Mount Royal University
Region VI: Mary O’Mahoney, CRSS, The University of Arizona


Region I: David Hall, EdD, RCRSP, CRSS, Springfield College
Region II: Mary Pittman, RCRSP, The University of West Florida
Region III: Sarah E. Hardin, PhD, CRSS, Centers, LLC at DePaul University
Region IV: Stephanie McAlpine, University of Texas at Arlington
Region V: Jason Gant, RCRSP, Creighton University
Region VI: Ashlea L. Wilson, California State University, Bakersfield


Region I: Kurt Klier, RCRSP, CRSS, University of Maryland-College Park
Region II: Dan Belcher, CENTERS, LLC at Marshall University
Region III: Megan Marie Morris, Loyola University of Chicago
Region IV: Matthew Boyer, RCRSP, CRSS, Louisiana State University
Region VI: Dr. Jamie Hoffman, California State University –Sacramento


Region I: Jason Incorvati, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Region II: Kelly Ator, Clemson University
Region III: Aaron Hobson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Region IV: Jonathan Elliott, University of Arkansas
Region V: Deb Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Region VI: DJ Mackie, Washington State University


Region I: Jessica Ward, Princeton University
Region II: Ryan Wingers, Georgia Southern University
Region III: Jessica Gentry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Region IV: Dr. Glenn Hanley, Texas State University
Region V: Heather Foster, Colorado State University
Region VI: Beth Glazer, UCLA


Region I: Jodi Galucci, Cornell University
Region II: Jeffrey Feldhaus, Virginia Tech
Region III: Arianne Judy, University of Notre Dame
Region IV: Anthony R. Kreitzer, Texas A&M University – Kingsville
Region V: Brit Heiring, Colorado State University
Region VI: Timothy “TC” Collins, California State University – Monterey Bay
Canadian Region: Peter Mumford, York University


Region I: Jordan Olson, University of Vermont
Region II: Julie Wallace Carr, James Madison University
Region III: Stephanne Musser, The Ohio State University
Region IV: Lauren Easter, Missouri State University
Region V: Luke Bartlett, University of Northern Iowa
Region VI: Joshua Hamilton, University of Arizona
Canadian Region: Alison Fisher, University of Regina


Region I: Scott Flickinger, Cornell University
Region II: Daniel Renfro, University of South Florida
Region III: Todd Dion, University of Notre Dame
Region IV: Andrew Bruni, Centers, LLC @ University of Missouri – St. Louis
Region V: Mallory Valentine, University of Iowa
Region VI: Troy Vaughn, CRSS, University of Arizona
Canadian Region: Jordan Robinson, Centennial College


Region I: Dexter Shorter, Pennsylvania State University
Region II: Aaron Combs, James Madison University
Region III: Veronica Chevalier, M.S, University of Notre Dame
Region IV: Tyler Burroughs, Kansas State University
Region V: Michelle Harder, University of Iowa
Region VI: Kevin “K-Mart” Martin, UC -Riverside
Canadian Region: Joni Richardson, University of Victoria

For More Info

For more information about the Horace Moody Awards, please contact the NIRSA Member Relations Manager, Sarah Leskovec.