Updates and resources related to the effect of COVID-19 on NIRSA and campus recreation

About NIRSA Board of Directors

Learn about the NIRSA Board of Directors here.

What is the action that we can take that will make positive change?

Over the past several days, outrage and anger and sadness poured out into the streets across the U.S. NIRSA will continue to champion equity, diversity, and inclusion as crucial to healthy people and healthy communities. 

Proposed NIRSA Bylaws changes will make the Association more nimble

The NIRSA Board recently approved a Regional Composition Policy, outlining the process for states, provinces, or countries to request changes to their regional alignment and outlining a process for forming a distinct, new NIRSA region. The policy requires changes to NIRSA Bylaws to take effect.

NIRSA affirms its active commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are heartbroken once again. The horrific violence in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas has left us reeling. As was the case with the hateful and tragic attack in Orlando, NIRSA grieves with and offers our condolences to the families and communities affected.