Over the next three months, thousands of college students will be participating in flag football and soccer tournaments across the country, whether through intramural experiences or club sports opportunities.

For players, teams, volunteers, and tournament host sites alike, among the most prestigious events to be affiliated with are the NIRSA Championship Series regional and national tournaments.

“Hosting the NIRSA Championship Series National Flag Football Championships is a fantastic opportunity for Round Rock to show off our state-of-the-art sports facilities and welcome the best intramural teams, coaches, staff, officials, and spectators from across the country to the Sports Capital of Texas,” says Chad McKenzie, City of Round Rock Sports Management and Tourism Director.  “The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex features 60 acres of championship fields ideal for this type of high-level competition,” he adds.

The NIRSA Championship Series is more than just competition. The Series is dedicated to providing experiential learning through sport. The unique blend of inclusive competition, emphasis on positive sporting behavior, and opportunities for professional development—from participants to fans to volunteers—supports communities of health and wellbeing, which is what NIRSA is all about.

The Series is more than competition—but it’s still very competitive

Fifteen sites will host regional or national tournaments in flag football or soccer for the NIRSA Championship Series 2021 fall season. Most of these locations have hosted NIRSA Championship Series tournaments in previous years. Even in the wake of mass pandemic closures, it’s no surprise that great tournament venues applied to host regional and national competition once The Series got green light to resume competition.

“NIRSA Championship Series tournaments bring host locales the excitement and enthusiasm of dedicated student athletes, an injection of activity into the local economy, and the opportunity to put their venues and facilities on show with a trusted partner,” says Valerie McCutchan, NIRSA’s National Sports Programs Director, who has helped deliver NIRSA tournaments for over 20 years.

The whole package makes for a memorable experience for everyone involved.

See what’s on the horizon near you

A handful of opportunities to compete, officiate, or volunteer as tournament staff remain open. Check out the NIRSA Championship Series website for more information.

Explore opportunities

  • For more information, contact National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA Headquarters Nicole Jackson.