As part of the association’s long-standing commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and to advance our strategic priority to strive for inclusive excellence with an anti-racism and equity lens, NIRSA leaders have committed to explore and ensure equitable practices within the association.

To support this endeavor, NIRSA has retained 122 Consulting Group to conduct a climate study that assesses NIRSA’s culture, climate, and structures and to determine areas in which the association supports inclusion and areas where there are barriers preventing equity for all. Our goal is to collect feedback and gain insight into practices and behaviors that invite all individuals to feel, through their NIRSA affiliation, that they belong, are welcome, and have a robust network of colleagues with whom they can explore professional interests.

Last week, we invited members by email to share their perspectives by completing the climate study survey. The survey—which remains open through September 28, 2021—is anonymous and should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Virtual focus groups

As a reminder, 122 Consulting Group is also hosting virtual focus groups based around shared identities or experiences. If interested individuals have not signed-up for one of these opportunities yet, they can still view the schedule and register today. Virtual meeting registration and facilitation is managed by 122 Consulting.

Volunteer for focus groups

Climate study report

Armed with the survey results and focus group insights, 122 Consulting will create a climate study report that includes analysis of the stakeholder feedback and evidenced-based, impact-oriented recommendations for action and implementation. The NIRSA Board of Directors, in collaboration with leaders and stakeholders in NIRSA, is committed to thoughtful consideration and implementation of the recommendations.

We appreciate the time and willingness of contributors who choose to share their voices and experiences in NIRSA for this important initiative.

Support from the NIRSA Foundation

NIRSA’s work with 122 Consulting is being guided by a nine-member steering committee and is supported by the generosity of donors to the NIRSA Foundation‘ s mission advancement fund.

Thanks to those who support our aspirations to foster a climate that supports professionals from underrepresented populations and enhances cultural competencies of our organization’s members. By building an inclusive culture and modeling best practices in NIRSA, recreation professionals will inspire, influence, and implement action concurrently on their campuses.