The Association owes a huge debt of gratitude to the eleven members who served these past two-and-a-half years on the NIRSA Health and Wellbeing Task Force. Appointed by the 2018–2019 Board to lead a variety of initiatives, these eleven individuals have played a huge part in supporting NIRSA’s ongoing strategic priority work to be a driving force in an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.

Thanks to…

NIRSA would like to extend thanks to the following volunteer members:

George Brown, (Co-Chair)

Assistant Vice Provost and Director of University Recreation and Wellness at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Stacy Connell, (Co-Chair)

Sales Account Manager – Health, Corporate, Performance, Technogym USA

Darcie Burde

Senior Associate Director for Fitness and Wellness at the University of Florida

Cindy Cowden

Senior Associate Director at SUNY at Binghamton

Shannon DuPree

Director of Wellness at North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Josh Downing

Director of Recreation & Wellness at Butler University

Marci Iverson

Director of Recreation and Leadership at Viterbo University

Karina Knutson, RCRSP

Associate Director of Wellness Promotion at the University of North Dakota

Dax Kuykendall

Director of Campus Recreation at the University of Texas At Arlington

Erinn McMahon

Director at UCLA

Peter Mumford

Associate Director, Campus Recreation at York University

“The Task Force has created sustainable methods to better understand the needs of collegiate recreation professionals and to develop more targeted resources through NIRSA,” says George. “The Wellbeing Briefing and Promising Practices are tangible ways that members are serving NIRSA members through best practices and benchmarking,” he adds. “The Wellbeing Briefings, the Promising Practices, and benchmarking data will help us better understand our current positions on our campuses—both individually and collectively—as we work to advance health and wellbeing,” says Marci.

“As I reflect on all the progress and work that the task force has stewarded (and during a global pandemic!), I can’t help but smile,” says Stacy. “From co-authoring the Inter-association Definition of Wellbeing to producing resources dedicated to support NIRSA members’ growth and education as it relates to wellbeing, to elevating and celebrating the emerging and established best practices from universities around the country, we’ve done some great work,” she adds. “NIRSA has established itself as the driving force behind integrated health and wellbeing in higher education.”

“As we navigate global challenges such as a pandemic, health inequities, and sustainable environments, NIRSA’s Health & Wellbeing Task Force will aid in preparing student affairs professionals for navigating these challenges on their campus,” says Darcie.

Apply to serve on NIRSA’s Health & Wellbeing Task Force

The Association is excited to have Josh and Darcie continue their service by co-chairing the next iteration of this volunteer group. Outgoing task force members have also been invited to reapply to help maintain continuity into the new phase, and there is also an opportunity for new member voices to come to the table and continue the good work started by the first configuration of the task force.

NIRSA members interested in serving on the NIRSA Health and Wellbeing Task Force are invited to submit an application by September 24.

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Why apply?

“This team of esteemed professionals who I had the privilege of serving with are the cream of the crop—passionate, dedicated, caring, and results-oriented. Thank you to the entire Health & Wellbeing Task Force and members of the work teams,” says Stacy. “It has been an honor and a true highlight of my career to co-chair the NIRSA Health and Wellbeing Task Force,” she adds.

Cindy echoes the sentiment in reflecting on her service: “I am so grateful and proud to have been part of this inaugural Health & Wellbeing Task Force. The energy, insight, and true dedication to fostering full wellbeing integration on campuses is truly inspiring.”

Josh says, “Working with and establishing positive relationships with these incredible colleagues is my biggest highlight from working on this task force.”

“It is rewarding to see the impact lived out on our various campuses,” says Marci. Serving on the task force gives members an opportunity to “increase awareness and understanding of the value and impact collegiate recreation has on health and wellbeing of our students and campus communities,” she adds.

Don’t miss your chance to have “high-level conversations and form new relationships with colleagues across the country who are committed to advancing in this space,” says Dax.

  • For more information about the NIRSA Health and Wellbeing Task Force, contact NIRSA Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships Erin O’Sullivan.