Colleges and universities across North America are evolving their programs and facilities with an eye toward holistic health and wellbeing.

Exciting possibilities abound when it comes to shifting away from a focus on physical health alone, and NIRSA Bronze Partner and longtime associate member CannonDesign invites the NIRSA family to learn about the different forms this shift is taking across the higher education landscape.

Get inspired to boldly reshape student health and wellness on your campus by joining CannonDesign’s Colleen McKenna and Roland Lemke, AIA, LEEP AP at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET on Tuesday, September 21, for the free webinar, “The Wellness HORIZON Line: How Collegiate Rec, Wellness and Student Health are Evolving to Shape Brighter Futures.”

Students are bringing new recreational preferences, personal health goals and challenges, data-rich tech, and a bolstered commitment to wellbeing and inclusivity to campuses. Want to learn how your campus can align with this exciting shift? This webinar is a must-attend event for campus recreation students and professionals curious about:

  • Understanding the full scope of changes occurring in health and wellness across higher education campuses
  • Learning how students and society are driving these shifts and what that means for the future
  • Discovering the responses institutions can take across programming, policy and built environment
  • Becoming inspired to drive change at their institutions and move forward to better help their students

NIRSA members and nonmembers can attend this event free of charge. Register today using this link or at NIRSA’s Ideas in Motion page.

About CannonDesign

CannonDesign has been an associate member of NIRSA for more than 20 years and a supporting partner of the Association since 2019. Through Living-Centered Design, CannonDesign has been helping people continuously flourish since its founding in 1945. Inspired by the best attributes of human-centered and systems-based design methods, their work addresses challenges through the lens of the broader ecosystems they exist within—helping organizations and communities realize more impactful, systemic change.

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