David Bryngil, who holds an MA in public communications, was most recently the Executive Director of Wellness & Recreation at Saint Peter’s University. He has presented five different sessions at Association events throughout his campus recreation career.

David first presented at a NIRSA event over twenty years ago; his session focused on leadership and communication took place at the 2000 NIRSA Region I Conference. Most recently, he presented the session “Stranger in a Strange Land: A Non-Gamers Guide to Starting an Esports Program” at the 2019 NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo.

“I have always been motivated to present at NIRSA events because I want to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated as well as creative ideas I have implemented at my institutions with the NIRSA community,” explains David. “I have personally learned so much from my NIRSA colleagues who presented at sessions I attended.”

“I want to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated as well as creative ideas I have implemented with the NIRSA community.”

Presenting at NIRSA events also allows David to play his part in fostering collaboration across the world of campus rec. “It is truly exciting to be a part of a professional organization that is filled with so many individuals who are willing to support one another,” says David. “I’ve been fortunate enough to present at state, regional, and two national level events—and each time I found the experience to be remarkably rewarding.”

To anyone who’s considering submitting a presentation proposal, David says, “Never hesitate to submit a proposal. The opportunity to present at NIRSA events is an invaluable experience for any campus rec professional.” He adds that presenters do need to be ready to do the work when it comes to formulating a great proposal and, subsequently, a great session. “It’s vital to have an eye-catching title for your presentation, but the subject matter also needs to be meaty and relevant,” explains David. “Focus on a topic that excites you, but make sure it will be topical and engaging to the NIRSA audience you’ll be addressing.”

Proposals are due August 31

The thoughtful sharing of professionals and students at any level in their collegiate recreation career plays a huge role in driving this profession forward. So wherever you’re at in your recreation career journey, we invite you to consider submitting a presentation proposal for the 2022 NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo! We want to hear your ideas!

The proposal form is available now and proposals will be due Tuesday, August 31. Resources for presenters are available online now.

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