What’s the collective understanding of wellbeing on campus among student affairs professionals? NIRSA’s Health & Wellbeing Task Force is conducting ongoing assessment about members’ understanding of and relation to the concepts of health and wellbeing.

The survey is open now and will remain open until Friday, August 6. It will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Take the survey

Invite your boss

All current NIRSA members have been invited to participate in the latest survey, which hopes to build on the body of knowledge started in late 2019.

In addition to member participation, the Task Force is hoping for members and campus recreation professionals to share the survey link with supervisors and influential colleagues from other departments across campus. This time around, task force members are hoping to capture a significant number of perspectives from the AVP/VP-level of leadership.

Help guide the Association’s future work

Survey results will be confidential and used only for research purposes. No data will be linked to any individuals or institutions.

Thoughtful feedback will help identify changes in NIRSA leaders’ understanding of wellbeing and direct the future work of the task force.

Survey results will be shared with members online.