Growing the uplifting cycle of giving and receiving is why volunteers and NIRSA staff devote thousands of hours each year to advancing the mission of our Association’s philanthropic arm. Hundreds of beneficiaries each year can attest to the career-changing impact that can come from NIRSA Foundation support.

Join the NIRSA Hot 100

In case it hasn’t been hot enough for you, the NIRSA Foundation is turning up the heat across the association this scorching summer. We’re appealing to campus recreation professionals this July to join the NIRSA Hot 100.

When you become a recurring donor at $8.40/month, your cool $100/year will be making a huge splash on the future of the campus recreation profession.

Did you know that nearly half of all donations contributed in 2020-2021 came in the form of recurring contributions? Recurring gifts are vital to the NIRSA Foundation’s ability to provide member opportunities and strengthen the field of campus recreation.

Who benefits from NIRSA Foundation programs?

With the recent introduction of the COVID-19 relief program for members facing hardship, nearly 250 eligible members have continued to stay connected to game-changing resources and networks. Scholarship recipients, researchers, and student sports officials continue to benefit from the generosity of NIRSA Foundation donors, but so do all NIRSA members!

Luke Bartlett

Assistant Director for Facilities & Competitive Sports at the University of Northern Iowa

“My NIRSA membership was set to lapse last year, when—like many others—our institution froze all spending. The NIRSA-Foundation-sponsored membership waiver program allowed me to renew and continue to stay connected with peers to discuss COVID response and reopening plans, which was a huge benefit to me and the broader campus community.”

Travis Beetley

PAC Operations Director at Sinclair Community College

“As a member for over 25 years, I understand the value of NIRSA. I spent 10 years serving on the NIRSA Foundation Golf Tournament Committee, helping to raise money in support of our student and young professional members. It never occurred to me that, one day, I would be the one on the receiving end of donor support. College spending freezes meant I wasn’t in a financial position to renew my professional membership. The NIRSA Foundation COVID-19 relief program has allowed me to stay connected with my profession, colleagues, and friends. I sincerely thank you.”

Cybbi Barton

Program Manager – Club Sports & Esports at University of Michigan

“The NIRSA COVID-19 Relief Membership Relief waiver gave me an opportunity to provide a voice to women and the LGBTQ+ community through my continued work around esports. I like to think it was a door opening up for me and I now have a platform to hold the door open for other people and to grow our mission of inclusion and creating a safe space for all.”

It feels good to give

While it’s probably not shocking to see beneficiaries sing the praises of NIRSA Foundation programs, you may be surprised to see that the impact giving makes on donors seems to be every bit as uplifting and gratifying.

“NIRSA means everything to me! Attending a conference back in 2003 was one of the biggest life-changing moments I’ve experienced! I was a lost college student until I found NIRSA. Without it, I would be in a job or profession that I’m not passionate about. NIRSA and campus recreation give me purpose; the association continues to give back to me, so the least I can do is donate monthly to help pay it forward.”

Alicia Rossow, Director of Wellness at Florida Southern College

“What stands out most to me about my experiences in NIRSA is how generously others have invested in my professional growth. I want to make sure that I give back, by investing in the development of talented and bright future of collegiate recreation professionals.”

Demond Pryor, Director, Office of Recreational Services at the University of Toledo

“I believe my giving to the NIRSA Foundation allows member professionals to gain valuable skills in officiating, mentoring, and so much more; NIRSA experiences can evolve a career into a passion and colleagues into a support system.”

Stephanie McAlpine, Associate Director, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington

“Donating is more than a monetary value. I give to the NIRSA Foundation because collegiate recreation has given everything to me. Through NIRSA and our field, I’ve found a lifelong passion for student development, a career I love, and even my future husband!”

Veronica Chevalier, Aquatics Program and Risk Management Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame

“I donate in the hopes of giving others the opportunity to find their passion at their first NIRSA event. I know how much of an impact this association can have one someone’s life and career. Through donations, members create so many different types of development opportunities and I want everyone to experience the ‘Magic of NIRSA!’! I attended my first NIRSA event in 2011, and that year I found my passion for student development and serving as a leader in collegiate rec.”

Mary Healey, Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness at Old Dominion University

“My NIRSA family has supported me throughout my collegiate recreation career. Although I’ve had the opportunity to serve on committees and hold leadership positions, giving to the Founders Circle allows me to support the heart of NIRSA – the individual member.”

Jean McClellan-Holt, Assistant Director at Old Dominion University

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  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Director of Philanthropy Kim Holmes.