The NIRSA Assembly is launching a survey focused on important topics impacting the future of the profession. We want to hear from you! One focus of the Assembly this year is the sustainability of collegiate recreation within higher education. Our focus is centered on the following guiding questions:

  • How does collegiate recreation remain sustainable in the changing landscape of higher education (i.e., remaining relevant and important)?
  • How do we ensure collegiate recreation professionals continue to develop their skills and competencies as access to professional development shifts and the skills needed in the profession evolve?
  • What are strategies to engage students in the profession in the absence of traditional points of engagement for this population (e.g., championship series, regional conferences, )?
  • As we consider sustainability and the importance of demonstrating the value of collegiate recreation, what are the new measures of our value that resonate with our audience?

How can we leverage this data to promote our value, tell our narrative, and demonstrate the success stories of students, faculty staff and community members?

While the last year has forced major changes to our work, it has become increasingly important to consider how we adapt as professionals in the evolving realm of higher education. The necessary adjustments we’ve made present a unique opportunity to begin creating intentional choices that will guide collegiate recreation successfully through the further changes ahead.

Through work team conversation and roundtables with NIRSA membership, a theme emerged: professionals looking for new options in professional development. Diverse strategic opportunities in professional development have the chance to start preparing professionals for the dynamic environment that collegiate recreation and higher education are becoming. Laying the foundation for success in the future begins with innovative education and experiences today.

In order to further these important conversations, the Assembly needs to hear from the diverse NIRSA membership. We’ve created a survey to identify new professional development opportunities. This anonymous survey will collect demographic data and focus on professional development within the profession and partnership opportunities within higher education.

Completing the survey should take up to ten minutes of your time. Hearing from professional members or soon-to-be professional members will greatly enrich the data collected. We believe this data will help inform and shape the future of professional development in collegiate recreation.

The survey will remain open through Wednesday, April 14. Please complete it today!


Coordinator, Facilities & Aquatics at University of Central Florida | NIRSA Profile

Lisa Molloy is currently the Coordinator, Facilities & Aquatics at the University of Central Florida. She serves on the NIRSA Assembly.