Last week, the murder of six women of Asian descent was a horrific act that extends an appalling escalation of violence directed at the Asian community. We unequivocally condemn these acts of violence and all forms of racism, misogyny, marginalization, and dehumanization.

We stand in solidarity with our Asian colleagues, students, and communities. This starts with centering the experiences and voices of the Asian community and by responding to their calls for support. The Asian Caucus of NIRSA continues to connect and grow a network of AAPI campus recreation colleagues to offer support and advocacy.

We call on all NIRSA members to use their privilege, influence, and influential role as educators and community builders to dismantle systemic racism, misogyny, and marginalization.

Resources and ways to support the AAPI community include:

NIRSA is committed to using the platform of campus recreation as a vehicle for promoting not only leadership and wellbeing, but also for advancing social justice. Opposing racist, anti-Asian, anti-women violence requires all of us to oppose the systems that cling to white supremacy and misogyny.

This conversation is critical to advancing wellbeing. Community wellbeing is as integral as individual wellbeing, and communities cannot be well if their members are not well.  Individuals cannot be well if the structures, systems, and normative behaviors that surround them are not equitable.

Change begins with each one of us. We are called to stand up for and support one another, recognizing that uplifting one of us will uplift all of us. As we stand in solidarity with the AAPI community, we implore each of you to identify and examine opportunities to create meaningful change in all communities in which you are a part.

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Craig Decker, RCRSP, is currently the Director at Centers LLC at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Craig is also the 2020-2021 Chair of the NIRSA Member Network; you can email him at

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Pam Watts is currently the Executive Director at NIRSA.