Since June 2020, the NIRSA Board of Directors in conjunction with the Member Network Chair, the NSC President, and the NIRSA Foundation President have been actively planning for the next iteration of the Association’s strategic plan – and the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan is nearly ready for approval!

The planning team would like to sincerely thank the many NIRSA members who have contributed their thoughts and ideas – maybe you were a member of an accountability or strategic partner group, maybe you attended one or more Ideas in Motion roundtables to provide feedback, or maybe you shared your thoughts with us via email or phone call. However you got involved and shared your input – thank you!

As you know, this next strategic plan builds upon the strong work of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. The mission, vision, values, and core value proposition are remaining unchanged. The strategic priorities have evolved from our ongoing work and member needs. They have been chosen and refined based on member feedback.

Get involved

The NIRSA Board of Directors is aiming to approve a final draft of the Strategic Plan at their March 30 Board meeting. Until that date, though, there is still some refinement of the current draft taking place.

During this final drafting stage, we welcome feedback from any NIRSA member. Please take a look at the current draft of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan in the NIRSA Connect library and submit any feedback to a member of Board of Directors or by March 26.

Thank you for your continued work in helping NIRSA plan for the future.

Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships at | NIRSA Profile

Erin O'Sullivan is currently the Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships at NIRSA.

Director of Campus Recreation & Wellness at University of South Carolina Aiken | NIRSA Profile

Mila Padgett is currently the Director of Campus Recreation & Wellness at the University of South Carolina Aiken. She is President Elect on the NIRSA Board of Directors.

Pam Watts is Executive Director of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon. Pam is a Certified Association Executive and she can be reached at