From now until March 18, Universidad Tecmilenio’s Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness invites you to join them for their premier event: Semana de la Felicidad, or Happiness Week!

The Happiness Week Challenge is an activity that takes part within Happiness Week. It was created by Universidad Tecmilenio and the Instituto de Ciencias de la Felicidad to celebrate International Day of Happiness, which was created by the United Nations.

The challenge offers participants opportunities to learn, engage, and connect with others in different areas of Temilenio’s Wellbeing and Happiness Ecosystem: Positivity, Achievement, Involvement, Physical Wellness, Positive Relationships, and Mindfulness.

For seven consecutive years, Tecmilenio and their Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness have strived to share their resources and knowledge with an ever-widening community, with the ultimate goal to increase the levels of wellbeing and happiness throughout the world. This year their goal is reach 21,000 people around the world. Join today to be a part of the movement!

This ‘happiness platform,’ found here, is free to all—you just need to register. The site also offers a translation feature (located in the upper right corner if you’re using Google Chrome) to switch from Spanish to English if needed.

Universidad Tecmilenio

Universidad Tecmilenio, with campuses located throughout Mexico, is pioneering a student learning model grounded in positive psychology. Since 2002, the university has been working to create a community of wellbeing where all members are stewards of its success.

NIRSA and Universidad Tecmilenio have enjoyed a continued relationship over the years. At the 2018 NIRSA Annual Conference’s general session on wellbeing, representatives from Tecmilenio presented on their university model and the philosophy of forming an entire institution around positive psychology, as well as its effectiveness in empowering students to develop their own life purpose and to take charge of their own learning.

At the 2019 NASPA-LAC conference, NIRSA representatives presented a session titled “La Integración del Bienestar en la Cultura del Campus” (“The Integration of Wellbeing in Campus Culture”) alongside Guadalupe (Lupita) del Carmen Aguila Alfaro of the Universidad Tecmilenio.

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships Erin O’Sullivan.
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Erin O'Sullivan is currently the Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships at NIRSA.