Since its founding more than a decade ago, PLAE has been relentlessly committed to innovating unique, high-performance solutions that boldly compel achievement and exceed expectations. It’s an impressive—and challenging—calling.

But it has never been the company’s sole passion.

“We value relationships over projects,” points out Brett Waits, president of PLAE. “We’ve never been, nor will ever be, just a transactional company. One of our main goals at PLAE is to create unbelievable relationships that extend way beyond a purchase. We continually compare ourselves to brands like the Ritz Carlton or Chick-Fil-A, both whose main goals embody unforgettable emotional connections.”

Of course, products and sales matter. PLAE offers engineer’s premium, in-demand solutions—in state-of-the-art flooring, unique outdoor training landscapes, and custom equipment solutions. Every space is designed and built chasing one single goal: To bring each unique vision to life while delivering next-level experiences.

But ultimately, what drives its business is simple. Connecting with people.

In its pursuit of long-term relationships, PLAE invests heavily in the markets it supports, including campus recreation. The main sponsor of the 2021 NIRSA Virtual Annual Conference and Campus Rec & Wellness Expo, PLAE has generously backed the show for eight years.

“It’s vital to us to find ways to add value in the industries we serve, and there’s no better organization than NIRSA when it comes to the campus recreation market,” adds Brett. “We’re dedicated partners that are striving to make a valuable impact on this community of students, faculty, and staff on campuses across the globe.”

One reason this natural partnership has succeeded over the years is the common, ambitious goal of both NIRSA and PLAE: Helping people achieve the best version of themselves. Both organizations wholeheartedly seek to transform lives and promote the development of healthy, inclusive communities worldwide.

In living this out, NIRSA and PLAE each embody leadership, embrace innovation, and strive for excellence. “We know that we can have a greater impact on the campus rec community by partnering with NIRSA, and together, it’s a win-win,” Brett says.

In its quest to be the top performance brand in the world, PLAE supports NIRSA to establish deeper connections, facilitate greater opportunities, and enrich campus communities.

“We want to be the most valued and respected brand, not just IN the industry, but FOR the industry,” says Brett. “We do this by supporting the organizations and people who are committed to making an impact on and for students.”

For more information about how PLAE can play a part in your rec center achieving its mission and vision, visit the PLAE booth during the Expo or contact Brittany Barrett, Director of Student Recreation Business Development at PLAE.

  • For more information about NIRSA sponsorship opportunities, contact Emily Hughes, Director of Corporate Relations at NIRSA Headquarters.

PLAE engineers high-end sports flooring specifically designed for maximum shock absorption and explosive energy return. Specialties are weight rooms, indoor/outdoor turf, gymnasiums, track systems, and multi-purpose surfaces.