Update, February 1: Since this article was initially published, the NIRSA Policy Pages have highlighted additional bills relating to transgender athlete participation in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

As 2021 begins, legislative priorities begin to take shape in statehouses and DC.  We all know that even the smallest law can have major ramifications on how our industry operates and affect who we are as people.

As co-chair of NIRSA’s Government Affairs Committee, I know it is important that we as a committee share legislative information that might impact what we do, how we do it, and the students we serve.

Transgender participation in sports has again come up in the legislative agenda for multiple states, as well as a bill in the US House of Representatives. This includes:

You can stay up-to-date with legislative matters in your state by following NIRSA’s policy pages.

The Government Affairs Committee also shares posts in Connect to help keep emerging legislative matters top of mind for members. Both an October 7 post and an October 19 post by committee members share other resources on this topic.

As NIRSA has previously stated, “Rescinding protections from an already at-risk population seems a step backwards for our campuses and, by extension, impedes NIRSA’s vision of building healthy people and healthy communities. Our Association recognizes this decision as standing contrary to our values, particularly Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

The Government Affairs Committee will continue to monitor these bills as well as any other legislation that may be important to how we do what we do and keep you up-to-date.  As a committee, we do not take sides or stances one way or the other.  Our goal is to provide you with the information and allow you, the NIRSA membership, to do with that information as you see fit.  Many of the pieces of legislation or issues we may bring to your attention can cause strong emotions on both sides of the issue and we strive to help open up the dialogue.

Director of Aquatic Center at Denison University | NIRSA Profile

Chris Crume is currently the Director of Aquatic Center at Denison University. He serves as co-chair of NIRSA’s Government Affairs Committee; he can be reached by email at ccrume@hotmail.com.