Wanting to make a difference in collegiate recreation is the first step to inspiring change—acting is the next. NIRSA members’ commitment and leadership within the profession propels the advancement of our Association goals. Whether you’re a student or an experienced professional, there’s a place for you! Serving on a NIRSA committee or work team is a great way to give back, gain experience, and network with colleagues beyond your campus. Apply to serve by Wednesday, February 10!

Applying is easy

There’s one application and it includes a comprehensive list of all committee and work team opportunities for NIRSA, the NIRSA Foundation, and the NIRSA Championship Series. You can select up to three groups you’re interested in being a part of this coming year. The order in which you select your groups will constitute your preference(s) and will be taken into consideration during the committee selection process.

Additionally, applicants are asked to state why they’re interested in these groups. This provides the selection committee with knowledge about the applicant’s experience and interests so they can formulate well-rounded committees and work teams. Members currently serving in a one-year position on a committee or work team who wish to continue their service need to reapply to be considered for the upcoming year.

Applications are due by February 10. Please visit our website for full details about the NIRSA committee application process. With the leadership year starting May 1, the committee and work team appointments will be made in Spring 2021 and announced in early April.

NEW for 2021-2022

Awards Committees Timeline Change

Beginning in 2021, the NIRSA award committees will be part of a separate application process set to launch in the spring. This change has been made to reduce the term length of these award committees from one year to six months, running from July–December. During an evaluation of the awards committees it was determined that most of the work happens in the late summer/early fall, so the opportunity for a shorter time commitment is fitting. All award committees, with the exception of the Honor Award Committee, are a one-term commitment. Honor Award Committee members will serve for two terms. If you’re interested in applying for an awards committee, keep an eye out for the application to launch in April!

Awards committees include:

Student Professional Development and Career Services Committee Update

As NIRSA’s educational offerings evolve, along with the needs of the profession, the Association has looked at how to align strategies to expand career development resources for campus recreation. Beginning in 2021, rather than have separate committees working on an annual event, the Student Professional Development and Career Services Committees will be combined into a new Career Development Committee. The new committee has expanded charges to develop NIRSA’s career resources year round to provide both virtual and in-person events and resources that will assist students and professionals in their campus rec journey.

Apply today!

As part of the application process, we encourage you to complete both the gender and ethnicity fields within your NIRSA profile. Providing this information will support the appointment process and ensure we remain diverse and inclusive within our committees and leadership groups. It is important for NIRSA to continue to monitor efforts in this area and with your help we can assure our data is accurate. Please take a moment to update your profile and submit your application today!


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Leadership Programs Coordinator Chelsea Hansson.
Leadership Programs Coordinator at NIRSA | NIRSA Profile

Chelsea Hansson is the Leadership Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.