Update, February 4: This article has be updated with the latest details about the registration deadline for individuals at bundle institutions.

A new feature for this inaugural virtual conference and expo is the “bundled” pricing option which will be available to professionals at NIRSA Institutional Member Schools. As a benefit of institutional membership, the flat rate registration fee ($850 through February 2 and $1000 from February 2 to February 16) will allow unlimited students, professionals, faculty, colleagues, or executives from registered bundle schools to register for the conference at no additional cost—regardless of their individual membership status in NIRSA.

“This is the year that your university collaborators or members of your team’s staff who might not normally attend the Annual Conference can see firsthand the critical role your department plays in recruitment, retention, and the overall student experience,” says Nicholas Froelich, Director – Campus Recreation Services at CENTERS at Cleveland State University and Region 3 Representative on the NIRSA Member Network who championed this new registration option.

Coordinate plans with your team

Registration for NIRSA’s 2021 Virtual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo will open December 2, 2021. Registration for the virtual conference will only be available online; pdf and paper registrations will not be available this year.

If your school plans to register multiple individuals for this exciting virtual learning and networking experience, you’ll want to be sure to explore the new bundled pricing option! Until it is purchased by an individual connected to an institutional member school, registering professionals from NIRSA member schools will see the bundle option in addition to their personalized individual registration option. Once the bundle pricing option has been purchased, individuals who are connected to that institution—whether they are professionals or students, members of NIRSA or nonmembers—will be able to register for the event at a rate of $0.

Individuals at registered bundle schools must register (or be registered by someone else) by February 16 to receive 2021 virtual event content.

If your team plans to take advantage of this great value, you’ll want to coordinate your registration plans to ensure the person purchasing the institutional member bundle for your school is the first to register.

Students planning to attend NIRSA 2021 Virtual

Students who are planning to attend the NIRSA 2021 Virtual Conference are encouraged to check-in with Directors at their schools to find out if they plan to take advantage of the Institutional Member Bundle. Students at NIRSA member institutions will see personalized individual registration pricing rates that reflect their institution’s real-time status as a bundle school. Students will automatically see a registration pricing rate of $0 in the NIRSA store once a professional at their institution activates bundle registration.

Become an institutional member

Access to the Institutional Member Bundle pricing package is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of institutional membership. Full access to NIRSA’s research data, discounts on bluefishjobs.com postings, access to professional development virtual content, eligibility for NIRSA awards, and more are all great reasons to explore adding your school to family of 600+ NIRSA member schools. Contact the membership team at NIRSA Headquarters to learn more about becoming an institutional member school.