While time spent in isolation or quarantine significantly changes a student’s daily routine, Creighton University’s holistic approach to wellness offers opportunities to stay well—intellectually, socially, spiritually, and even physically—despite limited space and access to in-person resources.

Serving nearly 9,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, Creighton staff members are committed to an integrated approach to students’ wellbeing, including students temporarily relocated due to COVID-19 exposure.

Throughout a student’s isolation or quarantine period, staff conduct daily check-ins and provide connections to campus resources. For example, those seeking academic support are connected with virtual coaching and tutoring opportunities; those desiring spiritual support are connected with a chaplain; and those experiencing elevated levels of anxiety are connected with a counselor.

Another resource is Creighton’s Department of Recreation and Wellness, which provides opportunities for physical wellbeing. This semester, the department has supplied resistance bands to quarantined students, launched a YouTube page featuring at-home workout tutorials, and offered guidance from personal training staff.

“When students are limited in where they can go and what they can do physically, it’s more important than ever that we help them stay active, and stay well,” says Greg Durham, Director of Recreation and Wellness. “We’re showing them that there are innovative ways you can be active – and we’re encouraging healthy habits that will hopefully carry over into their daily routines when they get back to a more normal schedule.”

When students return to the campus community, they can make appointments to use the university’s Kiewit Fitness Center or Rasmussen Center, as well as participate in a number of intramural sports and group fitness opportunities which have been modified according to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

In partnership with Creighton’s food service provider, Recreation and Wellness also employs a registered dietitian, Jamie Healy. Jamie oversees the planning and packing of meals for students in isolation and quarantine and works with students on an individual basis to address dietary restrictions and nutritional goals.

“Jamie plays a key role in the quarantine and isolation experience,” says Lucas Novotny, Senior Director of Housing and Auxiliary Services. “Proper nutrition is a big part of health and happiness. We talk about multidimensional wellness at Creighton, and she takes care of our students’ physical and mental health.”

These are just a few of the university’s efforts to support students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Jack Robertson is currently the Marketing Strategist for Housing and Auxiliary Services at Creighton University; you can email him at JackRobertson@creighton.edu.