Clear the Day  is an initiative by NIRSA partner Riddle & Bloom to increase voter turnout among Millennials and Gen Z by clearing the day and the voting process of barriers. Whether it’s classes, competing work schedules, or simply a lack of knowledge on where to vote, the initiative looks to eliminate any barrier for not voting regardless of political affiliation. Visit and enter your state to make sure you and students on your campus have the information and resources they need to cast their vote in November’s election.

From social media to everyday interactions, this generation has been openly vocal about what they want their future to look like. But even with this passion, many are not using their most valuable tool to create change, their vote. According data from the US Census Bureau, only 46.1% of voters between the age of 18-29 voted in the 2016 presidential election, the lowest turnout percentage of any demographic, with a gap of more than 10% to the next demographic’s participation (see Figure 4).

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About Riddle & Bloom and NIRSA

Riddle & Bloom is an IDEAS AND ACCESS agency that builds solutions for clients to reach and engage the ‘Next Generation’—Millennials and Gen Z, with a deep focus on 14-35-year-olds. These solutions include access points for brands to create meaningful relationships and engage with Millennial and Gen Z audiences. NIRSA is excited about our collaborations with Riddle & Bloom to organize dynamic marketing opportunities for NIRSA member institutions because R&B understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing higher education.

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Emily Hughes is currently the Campus Activations Director at NIRSA.