Update, September 17: This article has been updated with changes to the work group roster. Kim Clark, Director of Campus Recreation at University of Houston has left the work group and Natalie O’Farrell and Lisa Williamson have joined.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting student mental health both academically and in their daily routines. As a leader in student engagement, campus recreation is positioned to help facilitate social support as a key factor in addressing emotional wellbeing.

The following article highlights courses of action and recommendations to create solutions and partnerships to help students thrive.

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“Join NIRSA as we #pivot together for an enhanced focus on wellbeing.”

More wellbeing news coming soon

If you found this resource and context helpful, know that more are coming soon. The Health & Wellbeing Member Resource Development Team is hard at work to produce a digest that will bring resources like this straight to your inbox!

The goals of this digest are to communicate collective work in the wellbeing field; share research; connect members to existing wellbeing resources, tools, and surveys; and communicate training and development opportunities in the wellbeing space.

Member Resource Development Team

Last summer, NIRSA’s Health & Wellbeing Task Force launched a wellbeing survey. After analyzing the results, the task force began to form several work teams to help meet the needs identified by members.

One such area of need noted by members was around resources. To this end, the Member Resource Development workgroup was created. They work in close conjunction with the Task Force to help communicate and develop resources that support the education and development of NIRSA members as it relates to integrated wellbeing.

This workgroup is:

  • Michele Martin (Chair), Associate Director Student Wellness & Health Promotion at Georgia Southern University
  • Leah Bank, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at Cal State University Bakersfield
  • Lindsay Brookey, Assistant Director Fitness & Wellness at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Natalie O’Farrell, Associate Director for Programs at the University of Arizona
  • Chavonne Shorter, On-Site Wellness Coordinator for University System of Georgia
  • Lisa Williamson, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness at the University of Georgia
  • Stacy Connell (Liaison to Health & Wellbeing Task Force), SLC Wellbeing

The team is always looking for more help—get in touch if you’d like to play a role in bringing wellbeing resources to the NIRSA membership!

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships Erin O’Sullivan.

Michele Martin is currently the Associate Director Student Wellness & Health Promotion at Georgia Southern University and chair of the NIRSA Health and Wellbeing Task Force's Member Resource Development Team; you can reach her by email at mmartin@georgiasouthern.edu.