Since 2020 began, the world has seen cultural challenges and shifts toward virtual interactions, and the NIRSA Championship Series, working alongside NIRSA, is determined to stay relevant in a world that seems to be changing by the minute.

Social Justice Task Force

The NIRSA Championship Series’ brand promise is to provide participants with premier championship experiences delivered by qualified experts within a safe and inclusive environment. With that in mind, the Series recently provided an opportunity for stakeholders to have a conversation around social justice. Through NIRSA’s Ideas in Motion series, the August 4 conversation—titled “NIRSA Championship Series Social Justice”—was eye opening, meaningful, and it gave all involved a chance to learn, grow, and relate to what is happening in their personal lives, and how we can positively advance the NIRSA Championship Series.

The Series can do better around diversity, inclusion, and equity. We have much to learn; we still have ways to grow; we still have action to take. We are taking that first actionable step by instating a Social Justice Task Force for the NIRSA Championship Series. It is vital that leaders of the Series assess current advocacy and anti-racism efforts, so we are calling all members with a passion for social justice to apply and bring their dedication and intentional efforts to move the needle forward.

Esports Task Force

With the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fall schedule for the NIRSA Championship Series tournaments will look drastically different. This is a fantastic opportunity in the NIRSA Championship Series to introduce a second new task force, Esports! The closures and cancellations this fall have amplified the need for programming for our participants and has shown the Series stakeholders’ desire to engage participants through esports. The Series Esports Task Force will be charged with creating an opportunity for participants to come together, as a team and more importantly as a community in a time where a little competition and fun is needed!

The NIRSA Championship Series Social Justice Task Force and Esports Task Force applications are now open through September 11. The goal is to see both task forces will start work by the end of September!

Please reach out to us if you are running or planning to have any state or regional esports tournaments.

Associate Director For Facility Operations at University of Florida | NIRSA Profile

Marty Dempsey is currently the Associate Director for Facility Operations at the University of Florida. He serves as Vice Chair of the NIRSA Championship Series Exec Work Team.