NIRSA will hold elections in January 2021 for President-Elect and At-Large Director on the Board of Directors as well as for the following Member Network positions: NIRSA Student Leader, regional student leaders in all regions, and regional representatives for Regions I, III, V, and Canada.

Serving as a NIRSA leader not only benefits the Association, it leads to personal and professional growth. Jerrod Jackson, Associate Director of Programs and Outreach at Louisiana State University and former Region IV Representative, shares that the Member Network position is one that allows you the opportunity to engage more with your region. Prior to serving my two years on the Member Network, I felt like I knew a lot of members in my region. But during those two years of service the interactions I had at state workshops, the presenters I met at regional conferences, the newsletters I read, etc. gave me a fonder appreciation for the hard work that goes on in my region.”

NIRSA’s dedicated and outstanding members are the driving force of the organization and so the NIRSA Nominations & Appointments Committee wants your help to fill these important and influential positions with talented, thoughtful, and dedicated leaders who will help drive our Association forward.

Application process

If you’re interested in one of the available NIRSA Board of Directors’ positions, please apply by submitting an initial interest form and a resume to by Wednesday, October 7. 

“Serving on the NIRSA Board of Directors has been one of the most fulfilling professional service opportunities of my career,” says Derek Hottell, Director or Recreational Sports at Virginia Commonwealth University and current At-Large Director. “Certainly, it’s not easy to provide leadership for the Association during such turbulent times, but the work is both satisfying and humbling. I have been able to learn so much more about the inner workings of the Association, and I have truly appreciated being able to make connections with colleagues throughout the Association,” adds Derek.

Members interested in serving as a regional representative for Region I, III, V, or Canada should submit a letter of application and resume to by Wednesday, October 7. The detailed recruitment and application process can be found on the NIRSA Member Network webpage.

“Serving as the Canadian Region Representative has provided me invaluable opportunities for networking and professional development personally but also professionally at work,” says Tanya Angus, Director of Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba and current Canadian Regional Representative. “I’ve made valuable connections across Canada and can also reach out to my peers in the US to learn and share ideas. Many of these connections have now turned into lifelong friendships and I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

Applications for the NIRSA Student Leader and regional student leader positions for all regions will be due Friday, November 6. Students interested in those positions should submit a full application to by that deadline. Application materials for the student positions and further information is available under the NIRSA Student Leader and Regional Student Leader section of the Member Network elections webpage.

“Being a part of the Member Network helped my professional development and personal growth in so many ways. I felt so supported to voice my own opinions and provide my perspective as part of the full Member Network and as a member of NIRSA work teams,” says Juliana Frigerio, former Region II Student Leader. “The best part of being a regional student leader was empowering other students to accomplish things not just on their own campuses but outside of their campus communities as well.”

Encourage emerging leaders in your region to apply

If you know a NIRSA member who would be an excellent fit for one of these roles, please consider making a recommendation by sending an email to any member of the NIRSA Nominations & Appointments Committee. Your email should include the members’ name(s) and institution(s). The committee will contact recommended candidates to assess their interest and to discuss the application process.

Visit the Voting & Elections page on the NIRSA website to learn more about volunteer recruitment and elections!


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Member Relations Manager Sarah Leskovec.
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Sarah Leskovec is currently the Member Relations Manager at NIRSA.