The NIRSA Bylaws Committee exists to solicit and receive Board of Director-approved ideas and suggestions regarding potential changes to the bylaws as proposed by membership, the Board of Directors, and NIRSA committees. This committee drafts proposed changes and rationale for legal review and member input. It uses a variety of platforms—both electronic and in-person—to gather member feedback from the Member Network and appropriate leadership groups regarding proposed bylaws changes. The 2018-2019 Bylaws Committee developed a communication plan which was implemented in 2019-2020 to inform members of proposed changes to the bylaws. Finally, the committee submits final proposed bylaws changes to the Board of Directors for approval and a member vote.

Current NIRSA bylaws can be found on the Governing Documents page of the NIRSA website. During the 2019-2020 committee year, an intake form was created to allow any NIRSA member to propose an amendment to the bylaws. All members are encouraged to read the current bylaws, and to use the intake form to submit your questions, ideas, and proposed changes.

The NIRSA Bylaws Committee is currently made up of six members, including a representative from the Member Network and a Past Presidents Representative. Members volunteer to sit on this committee by completing the committee preference form and are approved for committee work by the NIRSA President Designee.

Bylaws amendments that were submitted prior to June 1 are being considered for the current election cycle and will be voted on this upcoming January. Submissions made after June 1 are being considered for the next election cycle. We welcome your interest and feedback on these important Association documents.


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Senior Director of Operations Mary Callender.
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Mary Callender, CRSS is the Senior Director of Operations at NIRSA.