The NIRSA Assembly is excited to share a virtual panel titled “Gen Z: Re-Shaping Higher Education and Its Impact on Collegiate Rec.” Generation Z or “Gen Z” refers to those born in and after 1997. Generational diversity on-campus is at an all-time high as members of Gen Z enter our institutions as students and staff. It has become evident that Gen Z brings with them unique expectations and characteristics. Consequently, collegiate recreation professionals are shifting focus to successfully serve, lead, and engage this population.

Through the panel discussion, the NIRSA Assembly will provide a framework to help professionals anticipate the changing needs of this student population and new workforce. The panel session will offer a variety of perspectives to ensure that the diverse voices of the NIRSA membership are represented while also addressing the following guiding questions:

  • What are the qualities and characteristics of this generation, and what will be their impact on campus recreation?
  • What influence will this generation have on how campus recreation employs, engages, and retains students and staff?
  • As employees, how will Gen Z impact the profession?
  • How can collegiate recreation professionals leverage the strengths and opportunities of Gen Z at their institutions and in the workplace?
  • What strategies can be implemented to leverage the collective strengths of a multi-generation staff to engage in effective organizational leadership and management?

The Gen Z moderator and panelists will be:

Please join the NIRSA Assembly at on Wednesday, July 22 at 1:00pm PT to learn more about the opportunities Generation Z presents as well as their impact on collegiate recreation.

This panel presentation is a live event as part of NIRSA’s Summer of Learning, presented by Life Fitness, which includes live and on-demand webinars focused on improving student and community health and wellbeing, human resources and professional qualities, program development, and much more. Register for the Summer of Learning today!


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Leadership Programs Coordinator Chelsea Hansson.
Coordinator, Facilities & Aquatics at University of Central Florida | NIRSA Profile

Lisa Molloy is currently the Coordinator, Facilities & Aquatics at the University of Central Florida. She serves on the NIRSA Assembly.

Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Programs at University of Vermont | NIRSA Profile

Shelby Hinkle Smith is currently the Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Programs at the University of Vermont. She serves on the NIRSA Assembly.