As we continue to navigate uncertain times in the landscape of higher education and sport in general, I would be remiss not to take a moment to acknowledge some great individuals who help create a thriving NIRSA Championship Series experience for NIRSA Soccer.

In the past month, six individuals have rolled off as regional coordinators:

Hannah Roberts, East Carolina University, Region II
Daryl Shreve, Berkshire Community College, Region III
Nick Singer, Vanderbilt University, Region III
Adam Burke, University of Wyoming, Region V
Mary O’Mahoney, Cal State Bakersfield, Region VI
Jordan Halstead, Region VI

This group has a plethora of experience within NIRSA Soccer that cannot be replaced. Daryl had been involved in volunteering with the Series since before I started showing up to tournaments as a graduate assistant in 2010. Jordan not only served in this role, but also has been a NISOA soccer referee at the NIRSA Championship Series National Soccer Tournament. Thankfully, Adam and Hannah will continue to advise and manage their respective regional soccer leagues and so continue being assets to the sport. Nick paired with Daryl to manage Region III during his last year. He also took on additional responsibilities as Director of Student Officials for Unified at the National Soccer Tournament this past year. The last and easily the most impactful person of this list is Mary or “Mary O” as most friends call her. Mary O has helped craft NIRSA Soccer into a truly premier experience from her dedication at the regional level in regions III and VI to serving as a sounding board for new ideas to being the ultimate community builder at the national tournament. Her laugh, hugs, and unmatched dedication will be missed as we springboard into the next era of NIRSA Soccer. In short, thank you to all the outgoing regional coordinators of 2020!

The next era of NIRSA soccer is going to be an exciting one with these new regional coordinators filling some important shoes:

Emily Waters, East Carolina University, Region II
Amy Ramras, University of Southern Indiana, Region III
Rachel Horras, University of Colorado – Boulder, Region V
Dillon Thompson, University of California – Santa Cruz, Region VI
Laura Whiteley, University of the Pacific, Region VI

This group is bringing varied levels of experience to our new regional leadership. They consist of former college athletes, licensed soccer officials, league administrators, and even an operations professional. Both Dillon and Emily have experience managing regional soccer leagues and volunteering at Champ Series regional tournaments. Rachel and Laura have been active volunteers at the National Soccer Tournament for the past few years. Laura has also served as both a member of the Soccer Work Team and as the Assistant Director of Student Officials. Amy has a passion for soccer that has seen her play, officiate, and volunteer at regional tournaments.

The new coordinators will be joining the following returning coordinators:

Max Miller, Swarthmore College, Region I
Shane Conti, University of Massachusetts – Boston, Region I
Matt Holdren, Duke University, Region II
Cybbi Barton, University of Michigan, Region III
Chad Zimmerman, University of Texas at Austin, Region IV
Emily Patterson, Texas A&M University, Region IV
Jordan Grindeland, University of Colorado – Boulder, Region V

As the Soccer Work Team Chair, I’m excited for these regional coordinators to take on the challenges that lie ahead of us and build upon the success of their predecessors. Chris McAlpine, Co-Director of Competition for NIRSA Soccer and Associate Director of Facility Operations at the University of Texas at Dallas, says it best: “I can speak for all the directors of competition when I say that the success of NIRSA Soccer has a great deal to do with our regional coordinators, and we can’t wait to continue to push the program forward with these great new additions. The expertise and experience they bring to the table will only help us continue to offer the premier club soccer program in the country.”


  • For more information about NIRSA soccer regional leagues or tournaments, please visit the NIRSA website.
Rec Sports and Family Programming Assistant Director at University of Houston | NIRSA Profile

Jon Janis is currently the Rec Sports and Family Programming Assistant Director at the University of Houston. He currently serves as Chair of the NIRSA Championship Series Soccer Work Team.