WOODWAY knows it’s important for campus recreation professions to stay informed about industry innovations. As a long-time NIRSA associate member, we are excited to share some product updates, which we know are crucial touchstones to ensuring the success of your rec department.

In 2009, WOODWAY filed a patent application disclosing a wide range of concepts and innovations relating to curved, manual treadmills, and since this time, we have been granted several patents directed to the many different concepts disclosed in the original filing.

Two patents granted to us earlier this year harvest new and different concepts disclosed in the original 2009 filing:

  • S. Patent No. 10561883 is directed to expand protection for the structure of the important one-way bearing safety device.
  • S. Patent No. 10561884 is directed to the concept of apply a braking force to a curved, manual treadmill for resistance-based workout.

WOODWAY’s intellectual property and inventions have afforded us an opportunity to support the future of collegiate recreation by becoming a Silver Partner of NIRSA and a corporate partner of the NIRSA Foundation.

The expanded patent protection not only protects WOODWAY but helps us protect and further the missions of the NIRSA and the NIRSA Foundation by providing opportunities for scholarship, research, personal and professional development.

We missed seeing many of our NIRSA family at the 2020 NIRSA Campus Recreation & Wellness Expo. While we know there’s no substitute for the in-person expo hall experience, you can still connect with us: Check out Woodway’s Booth 201 in the 2020 NIRSA Campus Rec & Wellness Expo floor plan to virtually discover great ways to connect with us!

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Eric Weber is currently Director of Sales and Marketing for WOODWAY USA; he can be reached at bradw@woodway.com.