After every NIRSA conference I’ve ever been to, I return home with what is considered the “NIRSA high.” Eleven conferences later and after every single one I find myself saying, “That was the best week ever.” These conferences have a way of refueling passions, rejuvenating the mind, and warming the heart in a way I just cannot properly explain. When I first heard the news that we would not get to celebrate in Phoenix this year, like many people I felt an influx of emotions. I was upset that my “best week ever” was not going to get to happen this year. But the sadness was quickly forgotten as I watched our HQ staff, our NIRSA leadership groups, and our AMAZING members step up from all across the continent to deliver what I consider, “The best month ever.”

If you haven’t been able to take part in some of the incredible things that have been refueling my passion, rejuvenating my mind, and warming my heart over the last month, I’ll take a second to fill you in.

Ideas in Motion

The Ideas in Motion virtual roundtables are an opportunity to connect, engage, and share information with colleagues across the Association. Facilitated and led by NIRSA members, we have conducted more than 45 sessions with many more to come.

Bluefishjob’s Virtual Career Development Week presented by Mondo

As members of NIRSA, we all know how much we value professional development, and it was delivered in a jam-packed week during the first-ever Bluefishjobs Virtual Career Development Week presented by Mondo. We saw sessions ranging from employee benefits to developing your personal brand. We had resume reviews, mock interviews, Talk to a Pro/GA sessions, and so much more.

The Quarantine Quiz Show

Created, developed, and implemented by NIRSA members, the Quarantine Quiz Show is breaking attendance records each week. Think you have what it takes? Join RecWithoutBorders on Twitch every Wednesday night at 5:00pm PST. The questions will challenge you, I promise. I have yet to finish outside of the bottom 10%.

The list goes on: #RecTalks, #SocksofNIRSA, virtual regional business meetings, a NIRSA and Friends Words With Friends Tournamentand we’re not done yet!

This year, the Student Leadership Team will be hosting a virtual Student Member Connection Meeting! This meeting will take place on Thursday, May 7 at 10:00am PST via Zoom.

Please join us as we celebrate another year of NIRSA students! We’ll be honoring our William N. Wasson Student Leadership & Academic Awards recipients, our Horace Moody Award recipients, student scholarship winners, and the 2020–2021 Student Leadership Team.

On behalf of the 2019–2020 Student Leadership Team, thank you for the best year of our lives! Thank you for letting us give back to an association that means more to us than we can put into words, and for—most importantly—letting us celebrate all of you incredible students of NIRSA.

Peace, Love, NIRSA!

Fitness Graduate Assistant at University of Mississippi | NIRSA Profile

Cheyanne Clouse, NIRSA Student Leader, is currently Fitness Graduate Assistant at the University of Mississippi.