Update: March 12, 4:00pm PST

After serious consideration, it is with much regret that we inform you that the 2020 NIRSA National Basketball Championship (April 3-5 in Wichita, KS) has been cancelled, due to the continuing concerns with the COVID-19 virus. We have been monitoring the precautions from our member institutions and health organizations regarding travel and social distancing. Given current information, we are compelled to cancel for the safety and wellbeing of our participants, volunteers, and staff involved with the tournament.

The NIRSA Services Corporation and NIRSA Championship Series are committed to bringing a premier experience to our participants and stakeholders. While some may be dismayed with this decision, the priority of the health and wellbeing of the players, tournament staff and host communities who participate in and support the NIRSA Championship Series cannot be ignored. We thank you all for your continued support of the Championship Series. We will release additional information as necessary regarding this event and future endeavors.

Join us once again in the lovely city of Wichita, Kansas for the tremendous NIRSA National Basketball Championships! The tournament will take place from April 3–5. The NIRSA Championship Series is looking forward to having teams from across the country come together to compete for the trophy and for bragging rights. Does your basketball team have what it takes? Sign up and find out! The deadline to sign up is Friday, March 20.

The national basketball tournament is so much more than just a tournament. It’s a premier championship experience for all participants, officials, and volunteers. The volunteers put in countless hours preparing for the tournament, the officials train to improve their skills, and the teams put all they have—blood, sweat, and tears—into working hard and winning.

These tournaments are a place for relationships and friendships to form and last; teams might compete against one another, but this is a chance for players to run into an old friend or make a new one. NIRSA has worked hard to make all of its tournaments and events safe and inclusive—and this includes the 2020 NIRSA National Basketball Championships. We’re proud to see the tournament growing in team numbers and we’re especially proud to share that we have twenty Unified teams joining us this year.

The Unified Division is a fun and thrilling division to watch! Last year, after most of the games were finished, two Unified teams just decided to play each other for the fun of it. This is the kind of culture NIRSA tournaments promote and that everyone should experience. If you’re unable to attend the national tournament, catch up online through our various outlets: Twitter, Instagram, and the NIRSA Play Blog. If you have a son, daughter, brother, sister, or grandkid in the championship games, I have some great news: We’ll be live streaming all the championship games on Sunday, April 5!

It’s time to get excited for the 2020 NIRSA National Basketball Championships! Sign up your team today and we hope to see you in Wichita!


  • For more information, contact Basketball Work Team Chair Jeff Logsdon or NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Nicole Jackson.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.