NIRSA’s Institutional Data Set (IDS), the Association’s benchmarking resource, is currently open for a new year of data collection. With this new year, the IDS will be the primary source for collecting data related to facility construction and renovation. The inclusion of these questions was intended to provide a more robust data set of facilities currently in existence and those being planned.

“The IDS has value for our profession both as an evaluation tool and as a decision-making tool,” says Erin Patchett, Director of Administration and Assessment at Colorado State University-Fort Collins. “It serves as a tool to support for additional resources from administration. It provides the ‘data’ in ‘data-driven decision making,’” echoes Sean Basso, Associate Director of Programming, Education, and Evaluation at The University of Tennessee.

Facility resources are a priority for NIRSA in 2020

Members are encouraged to focus their efforts on contributing as much facility data as possible as these data will be used to inform the development of several facility-related resources.

As a benefit for participating, individual members will be eligible to receive these resources at a discounted rate. Specific discounts will depend on individual member status and institutional affiliation. To be eligible for discounts on these facility-related resources, members must contribute their institution’s data by April 15, 2020.

Visit the NIRSA website to access the IDS and contribute your data now!

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.
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Ruben Guzman is currently the Research Coordinator at NIRSA