NIRSA’s professional members and the NIRSA Student Leadership Team will have the opportunity to vote on proposed changes to the NIRSA Bylaws during the 2020 NIRSA Elections taking place January 16–29. The 2019-2020 NIRSA Bylaws Committee has worked diligently this past year to develop a coordinated communication plan that was executed this past fall by the NIRSA Board of Directors, the Member Network, and NIRSA Headquarters.

“The Bylaws Committee received the feedback gathered from the various member touchpoints and worked with the NIRSA Board of Directors to finalize the proposed amendments to NIRSA’s Bylaws which we unanimously approved during our December NIRSA Board meeting,” says NIRSA President Leah Hall Dorothy.

Two proposed Bylaws amendments have now been submitted to the eligible voters of NIRSA’s membership for consideration; 2020 NIRSA elections launch on January 16 and close on January 29. Red-lined and clean versions of the proposed amendments as well as the supporting rationale presented as Frequently Asked Questions are available now on the NIRSA website.

Additionally, the NIRSA Board of Directors recently shared a message with eligible voters highlighting the impact of member engagement on the proposed amendments and why they unanimously support these changes for the short-term strength and long-term health of the organization.

Proposed amendments to NIRSA Bylaws must pass by a 2/3 majority of the ballots cast by eligible voting members. The slate of candidates for 2020 NIRSA volunteer leadership elections will be available announced on the NIRSA website later this week, after all the applicants and candidates have been notified.

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Senior Director of Operations Mary Callender.
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Mary Callender, CRSS is the Senior Director of Operations at NIRSA.