One of the topics the NIRSA Assembly is focusing on this year is the implications of current social issues and the impacts they have on campus recreation. A social issue or problem is something that has been largely recognized as preventing society from functioning at an optimal level. Four factors appear to characterize a social issue or problem:

  1. The public must recognize the situation as a problem.
  2. The situation is against the general values accepted by the society.
  3. A large segment of the population recognizes the problem as a valid concern.
  4. The problem can be rectified or alleviated through the joint action of citizens and/or community resources.

Based on this information, Assembly members have identified social issues that are ongoing on our campuses or in our communities. However, we recognize that we may not have a comprehensive list of issues. This is where we need your help.

In order to ensure that we’re not missing any key issues, we’d like to know what social issues you have seen on your campus or within your campus community. So please take a moment to complete this anonymous short survey by Monday, December 23 to help us better guide our research. Your NIRSA Assembly needs your help and we hope we can count on you!

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Mallory Valentine is currently the Assistant Director, Student & Member Engagement at the University of Iowa. She is also currently a member of the NIRSA Assembly. You can email her at

Jenny Strickland is currently the Assistant Director for Integrated Communications and Group Fitness at Purdue University. She is also currently a member of the NIRSA Assembly. You can email her at