Coming soon, #RecChat is back and needs your support—join us on Wednesday, December 11th at 3:00pm EST as we talk all things marketing! We want to know it all: what campaigns and strategies have worked for you, who makes up your marketing team, how do you determine your style or branding, what marketing goals does your program have, and what works well for your program.

We’ll facilitate the conversation, you just let us know what’s happening on your campus. By following the @RecChat handle on Twitter and Instagram you’ll have access to the conversation. Simply tweet or reply to questions presented by us about what is happening in your programs, and follow the #RecChat hashtag to see what others are doing in theirs. There’s no easier way to gain new ideas, chat with others in the field, and show off what your program is doing than by joining the conversation!

While we will help get the conversation started with prompts throughout the chat, that’s not where the conversation has to end. Ask questions, reach out to others involved, and follow up by sharing your marketing successes even after the chat has ended. This is what #RecChat is all about!

Mark your calendars now for the December 11 #RecChat. Join us to share, join to learn, and join us for the conversation!

Competitive Sports Coordinator at West Virginia University | NIRSA Profile

Stephanie Calhoun is currently the Competitive Sports Coordinator at West Virginia University. She serves on the #RecChat Committee.