This past summer, NIRSA released its latest Campus Recreation Salary Report. Coinciding with this release, data collection for the next report has begun. Qualified recreation professionals who contribute their data to the On-Demand Salary Benchmarking platform will not only have access to results and filtering capabilities within the platform, but will also receive a significant discount towards the purchase of the next salary report. Additional information regarding these resources and discounts, including participation eligibility, are available on the NIRSA website.

NIRSA’s salary benchmarking platform is made possible by contributions to the NIRSA Foundation general fund. For more information about the NIRSA Foundation, please contact NIRSA Director of Philanthropy Kim Holmes.


  • For more information regarding NIRSA’s research and benchmarking operations, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.
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Ruben Guzman is currently the Research Coordinator at NIRSA