Looking to inspire prospective students to consider your campus? Searching for an opportunity to showcase your department’s programs or services to administrators on campus? Have you ever hoped to inspire colleagues to join in your passion?

Writing for NIRSA is an amazing way to not only build your own brand, but to give back to the campus recreation community, connect with others in the field, and inspire students and staff along the way,” says Brianne Fleming, marketing instructor at the University of Florida and author of “Eight ways students can strengthen your social media strategy.”

“Writing for NIRSA is a great opportunity to share your expertise and make campus recreation a better place for everyone,” says Jenna Morogiello, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS, Injury Prevention and Care Coordinator at Georgia Southern University and author of “Advancing recreation: Athletic trainers and concussions.” She adds, “If you are not sharing your passion or your knowledge you are not only doing yourself a disservice—but also our community. Your voice is important!”

“That thing you’re interested in? That community you want to build? That initiative you want to start? Someone wants to join you! And the NIRSA staff want to help,” says Megan Krone, Ph.D, Executive Director of Academic Coaching and Editing and author of “Is the juice worth the squeeze? Reflections on pursuing a PhD.” She says, “There are NIRSA members out there, some you already know and some you could, who will resonate with your words and might reach out to help you create something new!”

Check out the pitch us your ideas page of the NIRSA website for details about the process as well as terms and conditions.

Why write for NIRSA?

After publishing her article, Megan says she “was shocked at how many personal responses I received from NIRSA colleagues. I received complimentary notes from peers and mentors and, more surprising to me, notes of appreciation from people I’d never met! Some members who contacted me were interested in the topic (pursuing a doctoral degree) while others were veterans (and retirees) of the field who had been pushing for years to further the conversation in support of their fellow members and were happy to hear there are new outlets. All of the feedback made the work of writing the article well worth it!”

“My article helped me reconnect with students and staff at my alma mater. I vividly remember working in campus recreation and how unique the experience and culture is. There is nothing like working with students, encouraging involvement, and promoting a healthy lifestyle,” says Brianne. “It is especially meaningful to think that any content I can contribute could potentially inspire another young student’s career,” she adds.

“By writing for NIRSA, I am able to reach the current and future leaders in campus recreation,” says Jenna. “I received so much positive feedback after publishing my article. Many kind words reached me via email, text, phone calls, and social media. It meant the world to me to see my colleagues, friends, and supervisors sharing my work. It is always a great feeling to know that your voice is heard and that I have given back the community that has given me so much. Publishing this article made me feel like I was making a difference.”

Would you like to make a difference? Express an opinion about an issue or policy affecting campus recreation; share a personal story about the campus recreation job market or the hiring process; tell your colleagues about a new trend in exercise or recreation. Whatever your idea, we want to hear about it.

Pitch us your ideas

  • For more information, contact NIRSA Director of Communications, Simon Bravo .
  • If you are interested in highlighting your campus or a NIRSA member’s achievements on your campus, pitch us your ideas.