When you apply for scholarships or travel grants, you’ll be asked to submit your NIRSA ID number as the application title. Not sure how to find your ID number? Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Head over to nirsa.me.
  2. Log in using your NIRSA username and password—the same password you’ve used to log into Cadmium to start your scholarship or travel grant application.
  3. Welcome to your NIRSA profile!
  4. In the left sidebar, find your ID number below your name on the profile and submit this number as the title of your application.

You do not need to be a NIRSA member to have a NIRSA profile and ID number. Professionals from Historically Black Colleges & Universities and all students no longer need to hold individual membership as a prerequisite to apply for NIRSA Foundation scholarships and travel grants, and these individuals should use the process above to find their ID number just like NIRSA members.

Be sure to submit your scholarship or travel grant application by the Tuesday, December 3 deadline. In addition to the standard application, students must submit a résumé and statement of support signed by the director of their recreation department. So start your applications early, students!


  • If you have questions about applying for scholarships or need further assistance locating your ID number, please contact foundation@nirsa.org.
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Kelley Hungerford is currently the NIRSA Expo and Corporate Relations Coordinator at NIRSA.