NIRSA will hold elections this winter for a number of volunteer leadership positions, including the NIRSA Student Leader position and for regional student leaders.  Students interested in serving in either of these opportunities should submit a full application to by the November 7 deadline. The detailed recruitment and application process can be found on the NIRSA Member Network webpage.

Why volunteer with NIRSA?

“The past few months serving on the Student Leadership Team has been one of the most fulfilling and greatest experiences of my life as I get to help further a profession that I am deeply passionate about,” says current NIRSA Student Leader and Fitness GA at the University of Mississippi Cheyanne Clouse. “Through my service term so far, I have gotten to meet students and professionals from all across North America, and work alongside some of the greatest people I have ever met.”

Encourage emerging student leaders in your region to apply

If you know of a NIRSA student member who would be an excellent fit for the NIRSA Student Leader position or a regional student leader position, please share this opportunity with them and encourage them to apply!

Visit the Voting & Elections page on the NIRSA website to learn more about volunteer recruitment and elections.

  • For more information, contact NIRSA Member Relations Manager, Sarah Leskovec.
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Sarah Leskovec is currently the Member Relations Manager at NIRSA.