Is your recreation department represented in NIRSA’s benchmarking reports? Have you needed benchmarking information on recreation facilities or facility operations? NIRSA’s Institutional Data Set—the profession’s benchmarking resource for rec facilities, programs, and operations—provides members with access to key performance indicators and other critical metrics.

Additionally, information collected via this resource will inform the development of future benchmarking reports, which participating institutions will receive at a discount. Make sure your department participates to ensure access to this critical resource! Your institution’s participation will qualify you and your colleagues to receive free or discounted access to future benchmarking reports!

Who can update an institution’s data

All professional members can log into the IDS platform and enter data on their institution directly. Data is automatically saved within the platform, so different members with different expertise can access and enter data at different times. Most of the content within your institution’s data set will remain in the IDS from year to year. However, institutions are asked to review and update changes to their data annually.

A minimum 50% of survey questions about an institution must be answered (or confirmed as unchanged) each year before members from that institution can access results capabilities when they become available.

The NIRSA Foundation supports research in campus recreation

Benchmarking resources are supported, in part, by donations to the NIRSA Foundation. The NIRSA Foundation is committed to supporting the NIRSA Institutional Data Set as it continues to provide NIRSA members with valuable information.

  • For more information on NIRSA’s benchmarking and assessment operations, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.
  • To learn how to contribute to the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts, please contact NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Kameron Carroll.
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Ruben Guzman is currently the Research Coordinator at NIRSA