How has your career been shaped by membership in NIRSA? Maybe you’ve received a scholarship from the NIRSA Foundation. Or caught an early break hosting one of the NIRSA Championship Series tournaments? Perhaps you leaned heavily on the Recreational Sports Journal or other NIRSA publications for your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Maybe you even found your current job on the website or at the renowned Career Services Center during a NIRSA Annual Conference. Wouldn’t you like to see more of your colleagues advancing the campus rec profession while also developing their skills?

Whatever your reason for belonging to the NIRSA family, we’re giving you extra incentive between now and November 8 to invite your colleagues to join the NIRSA family.

Announcing the NIRSA League of Colleagues

Invite your colleagues to join NIRSA (or renew their expired NIRSA membership) before Friday, November 8 using your Super Code and you’ll get 5% off of your next membership renewal for each colleague you enroll. That’s right! Refer 20 campus rec heroes to NIRSA and your next year of membership is free!


Are you ready to play in the big league? Well, you can also receive 40% off for each institution that joins or renews their expired membership using your Super Code!

Watch the leaderboard

See your name in lights! A leaderboard of registered Super Teams with the most recruits will be celebrated on the NIRSA website.

  • For more information, contact Megan Granholm, Membership Services Manager.
NIRSA Membership Services Coordinator at | NIRSA Profile

Megan Granholm is currently the Membership Services Coordinator at NIRSA. You can reach her by emailing