Looking for opportunities for your club team to play in a basketball event? Well look no further. Registration for the NIRSA Championship Series Club Basketball Conference is now open on IMLeagues! Registration closes Monday, October 14 so register your team today to have the chance to compete with local schools in round robin events. If you join the conference, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend one NIRSA regional basketball tournament of your choice; it’s included in the entry fee.

Not sure what NIRSA Club Basketball is? NIRSA Club Basketball is our way of providing local games for your team by limiting your travel time to 4-6 hours at most for conference play. These conference events are round robin events with about 3-10 other teams—all depending on the size of the division. We guarantee 6-12 games over the club season and, like previously stated, your team also gets to attend a NIRSA regional basketball tournament.

“We’re listening to what you want from this experience—the opportunity to only have to travel a few weekends during the season, not having to pay any extra money from your budgets for officials or court fees, not having to stress when you’re going to play your games when courts become unavailable. These are just a few of the perks you will receive if you join the NIRSA Club Basketball League,” explains Joshua Dietrich, Club Basketball Work Team Chair and Competitive Sports Coordinator at Kent State University.

Club basketball differs from our NIRSA regional tournaments in that there’s round robin play instead of pool play and a single elimination bracket. With the club registration fee each team receives two club basketball events and one NIRSA regional tournament. Plus, all athlete training, officials, and staff are covered by NIRSA. Teams just show up and play! And if you’re lucky enough to win your club basketball division, you get paid entry into the NIRSA National Basketball Championships!

Still not convinced? Check out a new Series Talk all about club basketball. NIRSA Club Basketball is striving to make the participate experience a premier one. With the Series 2.0, the Champ Series committees are determined to make each event and tournament a fun, positive, and memorable experience for each and everyone involved. Not only do teams not have to stress about finding games on their own, they also get to interact with people they may not have had the opportunity to meet before. Each team gets the opportunity to have minimal travel with the maximum number of games.

“Other opportunities outside of our league force you to schedule all of your conference games, pay for officials, and pay additional fees due to forfeits, unplayed games, etc,” adds Josh. “Our goal with this league is to simplify your scheduling process and to make your club experience fun again. All you have to do is travel and play. It’s that simple!”


  • For more information, please contact Club Basketball Work Team Chair Joshua Dietrich or NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Nicole Jackson.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.