Coinciding with the release of NIRSA’s newest Campus Recreation Salary Report is the launch of a whole suite of salary benchmarking resources. These resources provide members with a range of options to meet their campus recreation benchmarking needs. Now members can access salary benchmarking data in three different ways:

  1. On-Demand Salary Benchmarking

This web-based platform facilitates the collection and comparison reporting of compensation data in the campus rec profession. All professional members who contribute data to the NIRSA On-Demand Salary Benchmarking platform have free access to this resource. Anyone in the recreation profession can participate in the Salary Census, but only professional members have on-demand access to comparison results.

  1. Campus Recreation Salary Report

This report provides a comprehensive summary of compensation data for the campus recreation profession. The current Campus Recreation Salary Report, which aggregates data from the years 2017 and 2018, may be purchased in the NIRSA online store. NIRSA members who participated in the NIRSA Salary Census from December 2017 to April 2019 are eligible to receive a significant discount. Participants at NIRSA member institutions receive the report for free. Purchase your copy of the report online.

  1. Custom Salary Benchmarking reports

NIRSA Custom Salary Benchmarking Reports are for members who need a specific analysis of data that’s not available in NIRSA’s On-Demand Salary Benchmarking platform or in the NIRSA Campus Recreation Salary Report. Custom Reports are a benefit of NIRSA professional membership, and members must contribute data to the NIRSA On-Demand Salary Benchmarking platform to be eligible to purchase these reports. Professional members at NIRSA member institutions receive an additional discount.


Additional information regarding these resources and how to access them can be found on NIRSA’s Salary Benchmarking webpage. Support for NIRSA’s On-Demand Salary Benchmarking resource is made possible through donations to the NIRSA Foundation. For questions regarding the NIRSA Foundation, please contact NIRSA Foundation Coordinator Kameron Carroll. For questions regarding NIRSA’s research operations, including NIRSA’s salary benchmarking resources, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator Ruben Guzman.

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Ruben Guzman is currently the Research Coordinator at NIRSA