The NIRSA Championship Series produces events known not only for their outstanding student athlete performance, but also for the development opportunities they provide student officials and professional staff. “It’s more than competition” speaks to the purpose of The Series 2.0 vision; the NIRSA Championship Series is dedicated to providing experiential learning through sport. The Champ Series is known for the development opportunities they provide student officials and professional staff—you don’t want to miss the chance to send student officials and professional staff to this year’s national championships!

Institutional Registration guarantees that an institution’s sports team, student officials, and university staff are part of a national championship. It comes in three different levels—Gold, Silver, and Bronze—each corresponding to a different degree of involvement in and recognition at the NIRSA national championships. More detailed information about the three levels—what they offer institutions, how much they cost, etc.—can be found on the NIRSA website.

The NIRSA Championship Series would like to recognize and thank the institutions that took advantage of Institutional Registration in 2018:


  • Georgia Southern University—Silver

The deadline to register for National Basketball Institutional Registration is January 24, 2020.

Flag Football

  • University of Southern Mississippi—Gold
  • Georgia Southern University—Silver
  • University of Maryland—Bronze

The deadline to register for National Flag Football Institutional Registration is October 1, 2019.


Take advantage of Institutional Registration with the NIRSA Championship Series today and elevate your intramural program to the next level!


  • For more information about Institutional Registration or the NIRSA regional and national championships, please contact NIRSA Director of National Sport Programs Valerie McCutchan.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.