Come one, come all—join in on the fun at a NIRSA regional flag football tournament this fall! Twelve tournament sites have been selected as 2019 hosts. The season may not officially kick off for a couple more months, but now is still a perfect time to start planning how your school can get in the NIRSA Championship Series game!

Let’s take a look at the 2019 regional flag football tournaments:

  • October 18-20, Central Washington University
  • October 25-27, Colorado State University
  • October 25-27, University of Florida
  • November 1-3, Springfield College
  • November 1-3, The University of Texas at Austin
  • November 8-10, University of Nebraska
  • November 8-10, Oklahoma State University
  • November 8-10, University of Illinois
  • November 15-17, University of Maryland
  • November 22-24, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • November 22-24, Western Kentucky University
  • December 6-8, University of Southern Mississippi

NIRSA is very excited for another year of flag football! There’s so much to look forward to with regionals only three months away and so many of us looking forward to the national championship tournament, which is being held in Round Rock, TX by our official host partner.

“Round Rock, TX provides a beautiful facility and a top-tier staff. Having the opportunity to visit their complex earlier this year, I was blown away by the facility’s design that will awe participants, staff, and student officials,” says Flag Football Work Team Chair and Coordinator of Competitive Sports at The Ohio State University Jarrode Davis. “Plus, the centralized location nationally will offer a more convenient travel plan for any teams traveling from the west side of the country. We will also have St. Edwards University Campus Recreation, Southwestern University Intramural and Recreational Activities, and the University of Texas at Austin Recreational Sports involved with producing the tournament.”

The NIRSA Championship Series continues to uphold values like participation and inclusivity and, as stated in Our Promise, “The Series provides premier championship experiences delivered by qualified experts within a safe and inclusive environment.” With multiple regional tournament featuring a Special Olympics Division this year, there will definitely be good competition for everyone.  


  • For more information, please contact Flag Football Work Team Chair Jarrode Davis or NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Nicole Jackson.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.