Where do you go when you have a question about campus recreation, want to discuss a hot topic, or just want to brag about something you’re doing on your campus?

NIRSA Connect is a great online platform to collaborate with over 4,000 rec experts—and it just got even easier to engage with your colleagues. This month, NIRSA Community moderators began their leadership year and they’re excited to begin their work. Charges for this group include:

  1. Answer questions posted in the main NIRSA community
  2. Tag posts for easier searching later, and promote post tagging
  3. Clean up the library and encourage others to upload documents
  4. Share NIRSA resources with members and point them towards helpful discussion threads
  5. Report misuse of Connect by other members to NIRSA HQ staff
  6. Periodically post on behalf of NIRSA HQ, on request

Your NIRSA Community moderators are:

  • Jenny Rodgers, Clemson University (Chair)
  • Cassie Bishop, Central Connecticut State University
  • Mike Dickey, University of Kansas
  • Jenna Dillon, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Andrew Ramirez, University of California-Davis
  • Bryce Starr, University of Houston-Clear Lake
  • Brian Stelzer, University of Nebraska

The NIRSA Community Moderator Committee is the result of rescoping the Connect Community of Practice Convener roles. After careful evaluation of user behavior in NIRSA’s Connect platform, the NIRSA Board of Directors has approved the sunsetting of the Communities of Practice concept. This will allow these communities to evolve into standard member-led communities. The volunteer convener role has been rescoped into a cohesive moderator group focused on the NIRSA Discussions Group, the place where the majority of member-to-member interactions take place. What does this mean for current Communities of Practice? Depending on the volume of posts in the past few years, each Community of Practice will either switch to a member-driven community or will be archived; previous discussions and library items will still be searchable, but no new posts can be made.

It is our hope that the NIRSA Discussions Group become even more vibrant and more of a valuable NIRSA member resource with this great group of moderators nurturing it!


  • If you have any questions about the change, or the new group, please contact NIRSA Member Services Manager Megan Granholm.
NIRSA Membership Services Coordinator at | NIRSA Profile

Megan Granholm is currently the Membership Services Coordinator at NIRSA. You can reach her by emailing megan.granholm@nirsa.org.